FAST FOOD FIVE – 1/30/2014


Here are five recent fast food news bites:

Are you drunk right now? Well, tell your designated driver to go to Jack in the Box because they have two new Monster Tacos. (via Jack in the Box)

Spend the extra money for the meal with this sandwich, get a bag of Fritos, and make the sandwich Fritos-ier. (via Grub Grade)

To experience chicken and waffles, you could heat up Banquet frozen chicken and toast some Eggo waffles. Or you could do slightly better (or worse). (via Foodbeast)

I’m not impressed with this flower-shaped pizza to celebrate the Chinese New Year. It’s the Year of the Horse, so shouldn’t the pizza be shaped like one? (via Brand Eating)

Are your hands cold? You could put on gloves. Or you could put a Sonic Chili Cheese Pretzel Dog in both hands. (via Grub Grade)

One thought to “FAST FOOD FIVE – 1/30/2014”

  1. I had one each of the Sonic pretzel dogs. Well, the bacon cheese and the chili cheese anyway.

    I wasn’t as impressed as I wanted to be, and found myself wishing that I’d just gotten the foot-long coney instead.

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