SPOTTED ON SHELVES – Nabisco Bacon Ritz Crackers

Bacon Ritz Crackers

Soooo…I guess folks don’t need to dip regular Ritz Crackers into Baconnaise anymore. (Spotted by David at Walmart.)

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10 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES – Nabisco Bacon Ritz Crackers”

  1. Artificially flavored bacon crackers? Pass…

    Why cannot they use real bacon bits to make it taste like bacon and they can replace the salt using the bits.

    1. Bring back Bacon Thins!!!!!! They were the perfect companion to Cheez Whiz! (Now called Easy Cheez). Ritz are too sweet for cheese.

    1. Bacon Thins were horrible!! But in response to Alek, I love Bacos (soy-based bacon bits) for salads and even omelets. I think ‘fake bacon’ flavor works okay unless you try to mimic actual bacon slices.

  2. We were excited to see the Bacon Flavored Ritz and bought a box. We were NOT impressed at all. They were good but tasted like bologna. I put a piece of cheese on one and it tasted like a bologna sandwich. That would have been fine if they were called Bologna Flavored Ritz!

  3. Alek – don’t judge until you have tried! Nabisco nailed it this time! A real good bacon flavor + a little cracklin pepper+ the the Ritz flavor = WINNER.

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