GLOBAL GRUB: Pringles Garlic Butter and Mayo Cheese (Korea)

Pringles Garlic Butter and Mayo Cheese (Korea)

Pringles flavors in Asian countries are always intriguing. For example, there’s Seaweed Pringles, which we reviewed. Garlic Butter and Mayo Cheese seems normal compared with a seaweed flavor, but I imagine some of you might think the mayo cheese flavor is a bit weird. I guess any mayo-flavored snack might seem weird to Western tongues. Here’s a video review for the Mayo Cheese Pringles (Thanks James for the photo!)

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10 thoughts to “GLOBAL GRUB: Pringles Garlic Butter and Mayo Cheese (Korea)”

  1. I’ll bet that the “Mayo Cheese” is probably close to “Cheddar and Sour Cream”

  2. All 3 of these flavors (esp. the seaweed) sound nothing sort of tremendous.
    Step it up US Pringles..

    1. Marc, I agree 100%!!! American “tastes” are boring…I’ve seen enuff “Sour Cream & Onion” Pringles to last a lifetime! My favorite Pringles flavor is “Softshell Crab”…”Grilled Shrimp” is also tasty, and I love “Seaweed”, which is slightly sweet, and better yet “Salt & Seaweed”, which loses the sugary taste and has more of that wonderful Algae flavor…

  3. Stupid old person question:

    Why do you keep showing us reviews from overseas products? Is it because you have fans from all over the world. See, I told ya. lol

    1. 90 percent of our readers are from the US, but I like to feature products outside the US just to show what available. Some of it is really interesting.

    2. It’s because American flavors are boring and lack the exotic flavor of Seaweed, crabs, shrimp, and other yummy ingredients like squid…

  4. I think that other countries should let the us should try the other pringles flavors from other countries

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