PRIZE DRAWING: Wendy’s Gift Cards to Try Their New Tuscan Chicken on Ciabatta


Wendy’s has a new chicken sandwich, the Tuscan Chicken on Ciabatta. It features a homestyle chicken filet, a garlic and roasted tomato aioli with real chunks of chopped tomatoes, a fresh spring mix with nine different greens, Asiago cheese, and tomatoes on a toasted artisan ciabatta bun.

The nice folks at Wendy’s sent us $5 gift cards so that three of you can try the Tuscan Chicken on Ciabatta for free. We haven’t reviewed it, but Grub Grade, Brand Eating, and Man Reviews Food gave it positive reviews.


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We will stop accepting entries on Sunday, May 11, 2014 11:59 p.m. Hawaii Standard Time. Only one comment allowed per person, and it’s only open to U.S. residents 18 years old or older.

Good luck!


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209 thoughts to “PRIZE DRAWING: Wendy’s Gift Cards to Try Their New Tuscan Chicken on Ciabatta”

  1. This is a drawing to go on a date with the redhead from their commercials, right?

  2. I would like to try the sandwich and I would also like to kick that red-headed girl on the Wendy’s commercial in the shin! Thanks for the contest!

  3. They closed the wendy’s close to my house so i havent been there in almost a year but this looks kind of tasty

  4. I spent my paycheck on marijuana and now I can’t afford to sate my munchies. HELP!!!

  5. Squirrels may impede my progress but a free chicken sandwich from Wendy’s around the corner sure wouldn’t!

  6. the Maestro says there are no houses to rent in Tuscany, glad Wendy’s & TIB made this available to us 🙂

  7. It’s not the usual type of fast food I’d get, but for free I’d be willing to try it.

  8. I do love me some Wendy’s. Just thinking about a burger/fries/Frosty combo gets me salivating like Pavlov’s dog!

  9. My Family loves Wendys, would be nice to give my mother a (Wendys) Gift Card for Mothers day. They make great sandwiches ^_^

  10. Sounds delish, but ordering something other than my trusty berry almond chicken salad! Blasphemy!

  11. I love love love this site. I also love the fact that you’ve chosen a restaurant that’s actually in my area. Wendy’s Rocks, but their fries are not the best at all.

  12. “The Impulsive Buy also promises your mailing address will not be used to send you rolls.”

    I love rolls. Now I want a roll.

  13. I loved the commercials with Dave – he was a great spokesperson for his company. His daughter does a fine job, too.

  14. If only they’d join the Fair Food Program (like all the other big guys) for lower guilt tomatoes…

  15. I have always wanted a mega-sized chicken nugget with a vaguely European flair in sandwich form. Wendy’s has answered my fast-food prayers.

  16. I haven’t been to a Wendy’s in over a decade so this might coax me to finally return!

  17. I like the original spicy chicken sandwich the best,but I’d certainly give this a try.

  18. I’d like to try this out! Looks like an interesting sandwich, and I love Wendy’s chicken.

  19. Eating this would probably make my Italian grandparents roll over in their graves, but it seems like an interesting twist on a chicken patty sandwich.

  20. Since Wendy’s is one of two places where employees won’t upperdeck our food, this would be quite useful.

  21. I lost my girlfriend of three and a half years. I was in a terrible accident that crippled my car and left me with a nasty concussion 24 hours ago. Throw me a bone…or a chicken sandwich.

    I like winning free things.

  22. I’ve been wanting to try this sandwich, along with their new Asian Cashew salad (though I do hate cashews). Come to Mama, $5 gift card.

  23. Ever since they ruined their pickles (not dill, sweet and gross) with the recent burger refresh, I really have grown to love their chicken sandwiches.

    I would love to try this new sandwich.

  24. pick me pick me! Love your site btw, stalk it all the time especially when I’m bored at work

  25. I haven’t been impressed with the ciabattas so far, so I’ve been avoiding this one. I would definitely try it if I win.

  26. I legit check this website before making an impulsive buy around town. Thank you for saving my taste buds and my wallet much misery!

  27. I would love to try Wendy’s new Tuscan Chicken on Ciabatta and then come back here and tell you all about it!

  28. My husband would LOVE to try this chicken sandwich. We only buy our chili at Wendy’s and have for years. Too bad Dave passed away, but glad Wendy’s survived!

  29. I miss the pretzel roll burger and am always looking for something just as good!!

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