SPOTTED ON SHELVES – Nabisco Limited Edition Dill Pickle Wheat Thins

Limited Edition Dill Pickle Wheat Thins

I’m a big fan of Nabisco’s Dill Sea Salt & Olive Oil Triscuit, so I think these look dill-ightful, dill-icious, and dill-ectable. (Spotted by Nick at Hannaford.)

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4 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES – Nabisco Limited Edition Dill Pickle Wheat Thins”

  1. these are amazeballs! totally canadian-style dill pickle chip flavour. none of that pretend US “memories of dill” flavour you usually find in the rare dill pickle flavoured product around here, but full on dill and vinegar glory! the only drawback is a very uneven distribution of the flavouring; some crackers had a thick layer of powdery goodness, while others barely had any. still, they have way more powdery goop than the other wheat thin flavours (which tend to be very mild). plus, the crackers themselves seem more toasted in general, especially around the edges giving them a more nutty flavour. I hope this becomes a standard flavour in their line-up and starts a movement in the direction of more intensely-flavoured wheat thins in general.

  2. Impulse buy is *exactly* how these got in my cart. I agree with Sylvia’s review. Heavy dill = deliciousness. Perfect amount of pucker as well. Would buy again!

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