GLOBAL GRUB – Paprika Pringles and Hot & Spicy Pringles (Italy)

Paprika and Hot & Spicy Pringles

Paprika is a common chip flavour in Europe and after looking through the international Pringles sites, most European countries have Paprika Pringles as a standard flavor. As for Hot & Spicy, it was offered in the U.S. for a while and I did try them. I don’t remember what they taste like, but my taste buds have not forgotten their burn. Hot & Spicy appears to be available in fewer European countries. And that is your Pringles lesson for the day. (Thanks Anastasia in Italy for the photo!)

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  1. i grew up in eastern europe and it was paprika flavored everything! hot and spicy not so much; must be the new wave of westernizing europe i’ve noticed. for sweets, there was a ton of berry flavours, especially cassis (black currant).

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