GLOBAL GRUB – Heinz American Sauce (Germany)

Heinz American Saucee

I’ve never heard of Heinz American Sauce, and I’m an American! After a Google search, I learned it’s been around for a few years in Germany. Its color reminds me of Thousand Island dressing. According to this blog, the sauce is made with tomatoes, shallots, and parsley. Has anyone tried Heinz American Sauce? Also, does Heinz sell their American Sauce in America? (Thanks Paul, who vacationed in Germany, for the photo!)

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5 thoughts to “GLOBAL GRUB – Heinz American Sauce (Germany)”

  1. I tried American dressing in Germany after I’d seen the name and was equally confused. Funny enough, to me it tasted like what Americans call “Russian” dressing. It seems like no one wants to own up to being the namesake of this flavor.

  2. That looks like what Canadians call “sub sauce”. You get it at, you guessed it, sub shops, but you can buy it at the grocery store, too.

    1. Can’t really explain it. But it looks more like Big Mac sauce.

      Thousand Island dressing is US in origin. There’s nothing called swiss cheese in Switzerland, so maybe it’s the same sort of thing.

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