SPOTTED ON SHELVES – Mountain Dew Solar Flare (7-Eleven Exclusive)

Mountain Dew Solar Flare

Mountain Dew Solar Flare is “Dew with a Blast of Tropical Punch.” It isn’t officially summer, but it’s already at select 7-Eleven locations, according to the comments at this blog. Not only is it a 7-Eleven exclusive flavor, it also appears to be available only at the fountain. (Spotted by Eric at 7-Eleven.)

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12 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES – Mountain Dew Solar Flare (7-Eleven Exclusive)”

  1. I’m a manager at a 7-Eleven and we have this right now. The contract that 7-Eleven has with Pepsi over this new Mountain Dew is very similar to what Taco Bell had with the Baja Blast. This new soda (Solar Flare) will only be sold at 7-Eleven fountains in the U.S.A. ALL 7-Eleven stores in the U.S. are going to be required to carry this flavor on their fountain machines (should be in all stores by July 4th nationwide). As far as we have heard it is a multi-year contract for the exclusiivity, however they did leave an option to possibly bottle it and sell it that way but the bottles would only be available in 7-Eleven stores as well. I think they are going to wait and see how well it does first on the fountain before they consider the bottled option. Also they have an option to make it into a Slurpee flavor as well.

    As far as the taste, it does have a slight Fruit Punch flavor profile to it. Kind of reminds me of the Cherry Citrus Game Fuel, but not as strong of a fruit flavor. It’s pretty solid and so far all of the customers that I’ve talked to who have tried it in the last two weeks seem to really like it.

    1. Please help I live in Alaska our stores and flavors are limited maybe you could send a message to expand is range

  2. So what do they take off the fountain so they can add the new Dew? I bet people complain when they come in and their favorite soda is replaced with something new.

    1. I think it is up to each individual 7 Eleven what they will remove.
      My local 7 Eleven removed Minute Maid Lemonade and replaced it with Solar Flare. They should have removed the Sweet Tea from the fountain though. There is already a sweet tea option separate from the fountain drinks. The lemonade was the only other non soda option besides Gatorade and tea.

      But Solar Flare is very delicious. So I am not mad.

  3. I just tried the Mountain Dew Solar Flare and it is delicious. Way better than Baja Blast which is too sweet. It really has a nice taste. I hope they will sell it in bottle. I would definitely buy it.

  4. I have tried the Mountain Dew Solar Flare and found it to be delicious. I can’t wait until I can get another glass.

  5. I think you need to get the drink out on the market. I have to drive 62 miles just to get the darn drink. Very delicious better than the others. Its not anywhere in sherman tx.

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