GLOBAL GRUB – Heinz Sauces (Germany)

Heinz Curry Mango Sauce

Heinz Sweet & Fruity Exotic Sauce

Heinz Tomaten Oliven Sauce Heinz Sun-Dried Tomato Sauce

Thanks to Google Translate I learned Heinz Curry Mango Sauce can be used for grilled turkey and steaks, Heinz Sweet & Fruity Exotic Sauce is sweet and fruity thanks to pineapple chunks and is used for white meat and rice dishes, Heinz Tomaten Oliven Sauce is a tomato and spicy olive sauce for meat and Mediterranean dishes, and Heinz Sun-Dried Tomato Sauce is not called Heinz Sonne Getrockneten Tomaten Sauce in Germany. (Thanks for the photos Paul!)

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4 thoughts to “GLOBAL GRUB – Heinz Sauces (Germany)”

  1. a few years ago I would have been able to bring all these different flavors back to the states but now that Lufthansa (and every other airline) has raised the fee on checked baggage, I really have to curtail my treasure hunting over there. Used to be I could bring 2 bags at 23 Kilos (50 lbs) each back, but alas, the glory days are gone. The first bag at 23 kilos is free but the next is 100$ and that is a little rich for my blood. With clothes personal items, the bag fills up pretty fast.

    1. What would it cost to ship stuff back to yourself? I know a lot people are now shipping their bags to their destination rather than checking them.

      1. judging by the packages my parents send from germany, for a 50 lb suitcase it would be way over the cost the airline charges for the second checked bag. If you think of it that way then I guess it’s a bargain, to me the 100$ is just quite a hit just for some yummy treats. I can always just salivate over the pictures.

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