GLOBAL GRUB – Dr. Oetker Big Americans Pizzas (Netherlands)

Dr. Oetker Big Americans Cheese Onion Pizza

I’m sure it’s not the case, but I can’t help but think the name “Big Americans” is some kind of joke. Oh well. Dr. Oetker is a German company that produces baking products, yogurts, pudding, and frozen pizzas.

Dr. Oetker’s Big Americans Pizzas come five American sounding flavors and one WTH flavor: Supreme, California, Hawaii, Texas, BBQ Chicken, and, what the hell, Cheese Onion. After a quick Google search, I learned the Big Americans line has been around since, at least, 2010. Also, during the same Google search, I learned the “Supreme” version appears to have corn on it and the “Texas” version seems to be a regular pepperoni pizza. (Thanks Anna for the photo!)

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  1. Slightly related, but another crazy European pizza flavor was tuna fish in Germany! If you guys can find one, please review it 🙂

  2. That corn belongs on pizza is believed surprisingly widely in Europe. Ham & corn was a standard pizza by the slice flavor in Vienna, and it basically tasted like ham and corn on pizza.

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