FAST FOOD NEWS – Carl’s Jr. Bacon Ranch Fries

Carl s Jr Bacon Ranch Fries

Are you tired of opening ketchup packets for your fries? Your fries are not the boss of you! They don’t own you!

Well, tell those ketchup packets to “suck it” by ordering Carl’s Jr’s new Bacon Ranch Fries. The side item consists of Carl’s Jr.’s Natural-Cut French Fries topped with buttermilk ranch dressing an bacon crumbles. Sounds messy, right? I think the folks at Carl’s Jr. know that too because these dressed up fries come with a fork.

Carl’s Jr.’s Bacon Ranch Fries are available for a suggested price of $2.49 and it can also be ordered as an upgraded side item to any combo meal. Right now, if you visit you can download a coupon for a free small Coke with the purchase of Carl’s Jr.’s Bacon Ranch Fries.

6 thoughts to “FAST FOOD NEWS – Carl’s Jr. Bacon Ranch Fries”

      1. Wow. I wonder what other differences there are between Carl Jr’s & Hardees. My fries get dipped in mayonnaise because I’m a sicko!

  1. Seems to me I had similar fries at a Hardees a year or two ago and they were the NAST. Ugh. Warm (fake) ranch is not tasty and the “bacon” was just rubbery little chunks of salt.

    I hope these are better.

    1. You probably did have the same fries at Hardee’s a little over a year ago — I can find online reviews from March 2013. They seem to have also made a Hardee’s appearance in 2009.

  2. I dont think I would try those fries out; I’m ok with opening my ketchup packets.

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