SPOTTED ON SHELVES – Kellogg’s Flavor Flashback Milk Chocolate Graham Pop-Tarts

Kellogg's Birthday Edition Flavor Flashback Milk Chocolate Graham Pop-Tarts

I’m not sure when the original Chocolate Graham Cracker Pop-Tarts were available, but I wonder why they were discontinued because they look awesome. Sure, they’re not frosted, but a little marshmallow fluff and a butter knife could change that. (Spotted by Dubba at Stop & Shop.)

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9 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES – Kellogg’s Flavor Flashback Milk Chocolate Graham Pop-Tarts”

  1. I just hope they never get rid of the peanut butter variety.

    Most of them are so disappointing.

  2. OMG THESE WERE MY FAVORITE back in the early ’90s. I think they were discontinued when the s’mores flavor became a thing.

    1. I loved these ON SIGHT, and the taste was OUTSTANDING!!!! Usually, you could only find them at Store 24’s, and on those occurrences, I would buy them out 2-4 boxes at a time! They were THAT GOOD!

      I don’t know what garbage passes for the Smores edition, but it clearly doesn’t include the recipe for this fine item which forms the two constituent ingredients of real smores – chocolate and graham crackers. All you need now is REAL marshmallow! Please nlti

  3. These were, without a doubt, my absolute favorite flavor of Pop Tart. When people ask me my favorite kind, I always take a trip down memory lane, and tell them about these. Now I have to find these, and stock up.

    1. They have a really different, crunchy sort of crust. I love Smores, but these are hands down better imo.

      brb buying like a dozen more boxes!

    Hands down, my favorite flavor of all time and I was soooo upset when they discontinued it (high five to levfarr & wenooku!)
    I plan on stocking up and by stocking up, I mean buying a freezer just for the crates of these I plan to buy.
    Thank you, Kellogg’s for making my year!!!

  5. My son and I used to love them, and we so upset when they were discontinued. I ran out when I heard they were back and bought three boxes. THEY DO NOT TASTE THE SAME! Like everything else, someone had to cheapen the ingredients, for a bigger profit. I don’t like them anymore.

  6. The chocolate graham poptarts were my favorite and I’m really disappointed they are no longer available.i dont buy poptarts anymore because those were the only ones i liked.

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