SPOTTED ON SHELVES: North Star Moon Pie Ice Cream Sandwiches (Banana and Chocolate)

North Star Moon Pie Ice Cream Sandwiches (Banana and Chocolate)

I could’ve sworn Moon Pie Ice Cream Sandwiches already existed because how could an awesome idea like that not have existed until 2014? The press release I read says they’re new, so I guess no one was smart (or high) enough to come up with the idea before 2014? The chocolate one is made with marshmallow flavored ice cream, two graham cracker wafers, and milk chocolate. The banana version is made with banana flavored ice cream, graham cracker wafers, and a banana flavored coating. (Spotted by Tiffany at Food City.)

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6 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: North Star Moon Pie Ice Cream Sandwiches (Banana and Chocolate)”

  1. Had the privilege of testing 3 different ones several Months ago. Chocolate, Banana and Strawberry. They’re pretty good. My only complaint is it uses that weird “Fake” tasting ice cream/ice milk stuff found in many other similar treats. The coating tastes like Moon Pie and the Cookie is softer and not as dry as a typical moon pie. The Chocolate was the best, Banana was Good and Strawberry was REALLY strong…I wonder if Strawberry will be made available.

  2. Not a bad idea but it seems very steep for $4.49. I could get a box of regular moon pies for 80 cents at my Rite Aid then get a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Removing the marshmallow portion melting it then swirling together then putting it back. Boom! Moon Pie Ice Cream

  3. Prairie Farms (North Star’s parent company) puts out ‘UFO’s, which are essentially the chocolate moon pie with vanilla ice cream. Unbelievably good, partly because they haven’t done away with the trans fat (only had them at events in San Antonio). Texas doesn’t play that.

  4. North Star has had single-serve Moon Pie ice cream sandwiches for a long time, but maybe the 6 pack is new. A lot of their novelties aren’t served in multipacks, like the Rich-n-Chips which is my personal fav.

  5. Why aren’t mom pie ice cream sandwiches being sold in grocery stores any more?

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