SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Herr’s Sweet ‘N Crunchy Cotton Candy Balls

Herr's Sweet 'N Crunchy Cotton Candy Balls

Soooo…cotton candy-flavored corn balls are a thing now. (Spotted by Dubba at Market Basket.)

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19 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Herr’s Sweet ‘N Crunchy Cotton Candy Balls”

  1. Send that to the Honey Boo Boo clan. I’m sure they would gobble the entire bin in a flash.

  2. Herr’s apparently has a sense of shame, as these are not mentioned on the company’s main product page (which sticks to salty snacks).

    Some cotton candy product does show up on the company’s nutrition page, where we learn that these aren’t kosher (I’m guessing they use gelatin derived from pork, as that’s a common reason for candy to be ineligible). But that’s all we learn, as this candy is destined to be shrouded in mystery.

  3. Herr’s does have an announcement about these on their Facebook page:

    Frankly, this blog post tells us more than their announcement, as it confirms that they are on store shelves and therefore not a prank. Probably. (The comments are fun, though.)

    Cotton candy is at least as much about texture as flavor, however. Compressed ball candy kinda misses the point…

  4. Sell cotton candy balls at all stores there a that market basket is on Shakey ground I have know place to buy my favorite treat .

  5. I am looking for the Herb’s Cotton Candy Balls can not find them. I live near Dallas, TX, please help.

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