SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Lay’s Do Us a Flavor Finalist Cappuccino Potato Chips

Lay's Cappuccino Potato Chips

I’m sure some of you are throwing up in your mouth a little at the sight of this. (Spotted by Kelly at Target.)

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13 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Lay’s Do Us a Flavor Finalist Cappuccino Potato Chips”

  1. Seriously? They’re brown? I’m going to take a wild guess.. has “caramel color” added.

  2. I love how there are cinnamon sticks next to the cappuccino cup, because cappuccino is typically cinnamon flavored… wait…

  3. Found the bacon mac ones at ralphs and I must say they’re pretty tasty 🙂 the cappuccino looked awful, the shelf was full of those!

  4. I will never unfairly judge a snack by its appearance. These deserve a fair chance just like everything else.

  5. I’m guessing these are the left of center ones designed to stir up buzz like the Chicken and Waffle ones last time. I wonder how many people suggested Red Velvet chips.

  6. Just bought these and the Bacon mac & cheese. I could swear Bacon mac & cheese tastes just like the regular cheddar and sour cream flavor. I didn’t taste any bacon. Very curious about what “natural bacon type flavor” actually is.

    The Cappuccino however I find myself eating more of – despite the coloring.. it has a definite cinnamon/brown sugar flavor. Slight coffee notes come through, but it’s mostly the cinnamon that smacks you in the face. Very tasty.

    1. i haven’t tried these but i don’t really see them as “strange/obscure” as the sweet pringles that have come out lately (churros, pumpkin pie etc). i don’t really get the cinnamon though; i was picturing a sweet, coffeeish creamy/powdery flavour. if its mostly cinnamon, they should have named it cinnamon latte or something.

  7. These were surprisingly tasty! Don’t really like cappuccino but had to stop myself from eating the entire bag. My parents (in their seventies) loved them!

  8. I must say that these are my favorite so far. I had a suspicion that I would love these.

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