SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Lay’s Canada Do Us a Flavour Finalists

Canada Lay's Do Us a Flavor

Canada gets to vote for their own Lay’s Do Us a Flavour flavours: Bacon Poutine, Jalapeño Mac N’ Cheese, Tzatziki, and Cinnamon Bun. I figure Cinnamon Bun is the WTF one, Tzatziki is the international flavor, Jalapeño Mac N’ Cheese is the spicy one, and Bacon Poutine is the safe flavor that’ll probably win. (Spotted by David at Esso in Toronto.)

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10 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Lay’s Canada Do Us a Flavour Finalists”

    1. Honestly 3 of the 4 flavors sound good (not digging the international one) while the US only 2 of the four sound good (honestly mango salsa? Not a coffee fan so no cap-however you spell it)

  1. If it’s anything like last year, then yes, Bacon Poutine will win. It’s a truly vile mess of artificial smoke backed by a smidge of beef bouillon. Jalapeno Mac n Cheese just tastes funky in a not-so-good way, Cinnamon Bun is pretty bang on, and Tzatziki is deeelicious (unless you don’t like Tzatziki to begin with), they definitely hit the nail on the head there.

    1. Yeah, I really liked the Tzatziki as well, while the Cinnamon Bun chips weren’t too bad, though not something I could eat a lot of. I found the Bacon Poutine chips to be rather boring and too similar to their Smokey Bacon chips from the past, but they’ll probably be the winner because Canada. Haven’t tried the Jalepeno Mac n Cheese ones yet.

    2. I’ve only tasted the Jalapeno Mac & Cheese and it’s awful…I agree with you – it tastes funky…I get an oily bacon taste on my palate…Where is the cheese taste? Where is the hotness of the jalapeno?

  2. I did a taste test with all four flavours today. After several of each, to give them a fair trial, I threw out the rest of the bags of Cinnamon Bun (bland) and Tzatziki (might have been better on a regular or wavy chip). I will be finishing the Jalapeno Mac N’ Cheese and Bacon Poutine later. They are both tried and true flavours that go well on starchy carbs, and Lays got the spice mixes right, although the bacon taste could have been a bit stronger. The jalapeno gives some heat without burning my mouth or drowning out the cheese flavour. I’m voting for the Jalapeno Mac N’ Cheese.

  3. I just tried the cinnamon bun chips. I thought they were so bad I had to find a review just to post my opinion.

  4. Just tried the bacon poutine and I have to admit to being disappointed. It basically tasted like a lighter bacon flavoured chips with a beef bullion aftertaste.

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