SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Oscar Mayer Bacon Jerky

Oscar Mayer Bacon Jerky

Awesome! Bacon that’s more convenient to eat than Oscar Mayer’s Fully Cooked Bacon and less messy than pouring Oscar Mayer Real Bacon Bits into my mouth. Oddly, Bourbon Barbecue and Teriyaki Ginger are the only two flavors. There’s no, you know, regular bacon flavor. (Spotted by jcal at Walmart.)

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2 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Oscar Mayer Bacon Jerky”

  1. This looks disgusting. By the looks, they just jazzed up their regular “fully cooked” bacon and labeled it as jerky.

    On a side note – I always cook the “fully cooked” bacon. Otherwise it’s just stringy, chewy and completely wrong. Need to release that bacon fat so it can soak into the food.

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