SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Betty Crocker Limited Edition Maple Bacon and Candy Corn Cookie Mix

Betty Crocker Limited Edition Maple Bacon and Candy Corn Cookie Mix

Betty Crocker Limited Edition Maple Bacon and Candy Corn Frosting

Pumpkin spice. Caramel apple. Candy corn. And now maple bacon is a fall flavor. I look forward to all the maple bacon products in 2015. (Spotted by Lauren at Target.)

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22 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Betty Crocker Limited Edition Maple Bacon and Candy Corn Cookie Mix”

  1. Do those cookie mixes come with a cookie cutter? Maple frosting sounds really good – wonder if those are real bacon bits or the fake Baco-Bits variety.

  2. There are no cookie cutters in the packages. These were not a hit for my family. The bake time is off and Maple bacon was by far the worst. I just do not recommend these products. Super disappointed.

  3. I love bacon, cookies and maple syrup. Couldn’t even swallow the cookies! Almost doubled cook time.

    1. It’s bacon flavored, no bacon at all in the icing pkt. I did, however, mix the granules in with the icing, then fried up real bacon, crumbled it and added it to the tops of the iced cookies and everyone loved it – tasted like french toast/maple syrup with a side of bacon all in one. Some times you just have to dabble and create your own yumminess 🙂

  4. Don’t waste your money on the candy corn frosting. I love candy corn. This frosting tastes nothing like candy corn, so I didn’t even bother making the cookies so I can at least take the mix back for a refund.

  5. Tried the Maple Frosting last night on brownies and all had to admit that it was disgusting. The bacon bits are NOT real and way too smokey. The frosting smelled good but what a HUGE disappointment. Tossed the whole thing. Save your money…. unless you like smoke house flavored cookies!!

  6. I wanted to hate the maple bacon cookies on principle because cookies with bacon in them should be awful. The “bacon bits” are hard as a fucking rock, but the cookies taste good in my opinion, especially with the frosting. I haven’t tried the other ones.

    1. We kind of felt the same way about the maple bacon cookies…we’re not fond of them yet we can stop eating them. I guess they’re good in a small dose. It’s a nice idea but the artificial bacon bits and maple flavoring make me not want to ever get them again. I agree with the others that the bake time took much longer than what was on the instructions.

  7. I was delighted to see such an original cookie flavor idea (Maple bacon) & picked these up wondering if my family would even like them. For us, we love them! We do like grilled, blackened & bacon items in general so if your taste buds bend this way you may enjoy them like we do- limited edition fun! I recommend them.

  8. We Love the Maple Bacon!! The bacon bits are not hard! If they are it is a bad batch!! Love love love them!!!!!

  9. We loved them!! Made them for a tailgate party. Big hit!! I used half the bacon “bits” and that worked just fine. Not hard at all. I roll the dough in small balls, they turned out perfect little round cookies. Crispy on the edges, soft and chew in the middle. Perfect!

  10. i just baked these cookies this morning. I did not care for the “bacon” bits
    provided at first look so I didn’t even open them. Instead I cooked up fresh bacon
    Chopped it up and sprinkled on top. They were unique and delicious. I would
    Make them again next fall.

  11. I baked these today, the packaging is misleading because it makes it look as though they are roll outs, they aren’t. If you chill them for an hour and then again every time you roll the dough, you can roll them out, but they don’t maintain their shape in the oven.

    That being said, we had no issues with the mix itself or the cooking time. 8.5 minutes seemed to be just long enough to brown the edges and bake the insides. They are interesting.. Not sure I would buy this again.

    1. I can’t remember the exact substitution nit you need to add extra oil/butter to make these into cut out cookies.

  12. I loved the Maple Bacon cookies. The bacon bits I had weren’t hard at all, and we used the frosting. Not as good without the frosting. We couldn’t stop eating them. Wish I had more.

  13. Loved the maple bacon cookies. Some of the bacon bits were a bit hard and the cooking time did need to be bumped up. This was a total experiment that I was expecting to be disappointed with but ended up falling in love. They seem to be a seasonal item as I can’t find them in the stores any more.

  14. I made these cookies in the form of bars with my own icing instead and they were too.die.for. I took 2 packages, followed receipe on the package and dropped all the dough in a 9×13 pan. I spread the dough out evenly the best I could and sprinkled Hormel real bacon pieces over the top. I pressed the bacon pieces into the dough slightly. It took 30 mins for them to cook and I rotated the pan half way thru. Immediately when I took them out I very lightly drizzled real maple syrup over the top. Once cooled, cut and serve. I would make these again.. I took them to a party and I have a feeling they will be requested again and again by name! They were a huge hit and sooo good!

  15. not a fan of the maple bacon cookies. i am a big fan of the betty crocker cookie mixes; this one not so much. they were just okay out of the oven. i cooked them 9 min and they were lightly browned. when cooled, the bacon bits were hard and i wondered if it was a carmelized effect if there was in fact “maple” as in syrup in them. i wouldn’t buy them again.

  16. Tell Betty she should bring these back. I waited an entire year for the Autumn season to arrive only to find out they were not offering them for 2015, or 2016. Write or call the marketing division Phone: 1-800-248-7310 to voice an interest.

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