SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Trader Joe’s Cookies & Creme Cookie Butter

Trader Joe's Cookies & Creme Cookie Butter

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If someone told me two years ago that in the future I’d be able to spread an Oreo-like cookie butter on top of an Oreo, I would’ve hugged them…hard. Now I soooo want to make Cookie & Creme Twix with this. (Spotted by Ryan at Trader Joe’s.)

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11 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Trader Joe’s Cookies & Creme Cookie Butter”

    1. My husband and I love it yummy, the cream is marshmallow not oil. Go get your taste buds cleaned. Thank you more for the oreo lovers…?

      1. Not sure why you have to be so snarky, perhaps you’re insecure? Or maybe just a mean person. But let me tell you why you’re wrong.

        1. There is absolutely no marshmallow in the ingredients of this spread. Nor is their marshmallow in an Oreo. Were you thinking of smores maybe?

        2. The third ingredient is, you guessed it, rapeseed oil. Want to know what else is made of rapeseed or soybean oil? Shortening.

        3. Taste is subjective, there are at least two people on this comment thread that agree this tastes like oil. I am one of them. You do not need to have my approval to enjoy your fattening treat. Just because I feel that it tastes like oil, does not mean that your ability to enjoy it is hindered.

        4. If you’re going to post a cranky comment, make sure you’re factually correct when you do so, otherwise you look like a huge fool and a meanie.

        Peace be with you in your future trolling.

  1. I’m going to predict that an Oreo butter and cream sandwich between golden Oreos will appear, or scratch that, actual Oreo butter.

  2. I kind of agree with the above comment that it tastes like oil. It just tastes like someone took ground up Oreos and mixed them with too much Crisco. I am a HUGE fan of their regular cookie butter, but this kind just tastes like Oreo shortening to me.

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