SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Peeps Limited Edition Red Velvet and Peeps Hot Cocoa & Cream

Peeps Limited Edition Red Velvet

Peeps Hot Cocoa & Cream

Here’s an Instagram photo idea. Have a Peeps Hot Cocoa & Cream floating on top of hot cocoa. You’re welcome. (Spotted by Ryan at Target.)

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12 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Peeps Limited Edition Red Velvet and Peeps Hot Cocoa & Cream”

  1. Not bad idea for the flavors. Maybe they could extend into different flavors like pumpkin spice peeps, apple pie peeps, cherry pie peeps, and caramel filled peeps.

      1. Which would then lead to making s’mores with pecan pie Peeps squished between pecan pie Pringles. The chocolate element could be supplied either by layering a chocolate-dusted Pringle or with Russell Stover pecan pie pumpkins.

        1. People with nut allergies can and do read ingredient labels. (I have to avoid almonds, which are almost as ubiquitous as peanuts. Makes food shopping interesting.)

    1. They sell peeps year around now. Peeps minis bags are sold year-round. Peeps are very popular and the company want to expand their line.

      Remember peeps didn’t really come in many flavors. I remembered when I was a kid only orange, peppermint, and strawberry. Now more flavors.

      1. Waaaay back, when I was a kid, they didn’t come in any flavor at all just plain yellow. Later, to great excitement, there were blue and pink ones introduced. BTW, what flavor is Red Velvet? I assumed it was a light cocoa dyed red.

  2. I feel like immediately getting in my car and driving to Target for those Hot Cocoa and Cream Peeps.

  3. The red velvet peeps were absolutely amazing!!!! I was so sad when I went back to get more during the holidays and they were all gone. If they put them out again next year, I will definitely stock up!!!

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