SPOTTED ON SHELVES: McDonald’s McCafe K-Cups

McCafe Medium and Decaf Premium Roast K-Cups

McCafe French Roast K-Cups

Are there really people out there who yearn to make McDonald’s coffee at home? (Spotted by Alyssa at Acme.)

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32 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: McDonald’s McCafe K-Cups”

  1. What a waste of shelf space!! There is literally hundreds of McDonalds around the USA and each cup of coffee is $1. $8.99 for 12 is really wasteful.

      1. But the point is that McDonalds coffee is offered all day long. Not having to invest into K-Cup machine.

        1. “But the point is that McDonalds coffee is offered all day long. Not having to invest into K-Cup machine.”

          The investment will pay for itself over time.

        2. The coffee at McDonald’s is good when fresh. Problem is that unless you happen to get there when the pot is fresh, you’ll get cooked down nasty coffee. At least with these they’re fresh.

    1. What would you prefer on the shelves, more processed garbage? No thanks, bring me my McCafe! I work from home so this will save me a fortune in gas as I live in the country 9 miles from the nearest McDonalds!

    2. McDonalds coffee isn’t $1.00 here in Ohio. We pay $1.93 for a large with tax. My husband is ECSTATIC that we can purchase the K-cups for our Keurig. We buy them at our local Kroger’s. His price becomes $1.43 for a 16 ounce cup. That’s a 50 cent savings per 16 ounces verses going out in the cold!

      1. McDonald’s coffee here in Virginia is 1.97 for large, so we are saving money and gas buying the kcups, we have found it at food city, Kroger and dollar general

  2. McDonalds coffee IS really good… but one could roll out of bed and drive to a McD’s and get a large coffee for $1.19 or brew 3 K-cups at a buck a piece…

  3. My Aunt worked for Mc Donald’s “Not the restaurant, the actual Company” from ’83 to ’95 and suggested that they start offering Premium Coffee but they said it wouldn’t appeal to the typical clientele that Ate at their restaurants. This was probably 25 or so years ago.

  4. Cheaper and I don’t have to go there? Great!

    (Don’t know why people are against this as opposed to Krispy Kreme, WaWa, Dunkin, etc., having single serve coffee for home as well. Seems like blind McDonald’s hate)

  5. Both Kraft and McDonald’s have been enthusing about this K-cup project for at least a year, so yeah, there’s supposed to be a market.

    Portions of the financial community have been touting McDonald’s as “OMG the next Starbucks!” (or at least “Hell to the yeah, the next Dunkin’!”) for 20 years now, on the basis of the coffee. While that hasn’t come to fruition, coffee is a strength on McDonald’s current menu, not just a thing that sits there because if you serve breakfast you’re expected to serve coffee. It has real loyalists.

    The non-economical nature of K-cups doesn’t seem to worry Keurig owners. You could probably package the Family Dollar coffeefood that’s $5 for two pounds in K-cups and charge $8.99 a 12-pack.

  6. From the articles I’ve read from employees, apparently the McCafe machines are filthy & nobody ever cleans them.

  7. I seen this when I was looking through Meijer’s sale ad.. Was listed @ $5.99 and I scoffed. Now that I see this store is trying to pull off 8.99? Holy fudgepop.

  8. I have recently tried the McCafe K Cup and it it’s state just like it does at the store. I love the easiness of waking up and fixing my own cup. And sometimes during the evening I want a fresh cup of coffee and not some that has been sitting since breakfast was served. I personally thinks it was a good marketing idea. Everyone can’t or don’t like going out for coffee, but I’m not paying 10 bucks a box though, I caught mine on sale at Giant for $7.49.

    1. I was against k cups at first but I’m hooked .. I love getting a fresh cup of coffee and not throwing away a half pot of coffee every day..

  9. The McCafe is totally delish coffee, better than Starb’s! You don’t know what you’re missing if you’re still buying it from McDonald’s where tired, underpaid teenagers pour you whatever’s in the (unwashed) pot!

  10. Love the k-cup found some Walmart and Kroger, but both don’t have now, so I’ll have to search for some now, I live Pulaski va, if anybody knows where I could find them

  11. When I first saw McDonalds coffee on the shelf at the local mark it, I bought a box as a joke to play on my wife. Turned out the joke was on me. As a K-cup user, I have access to over 200 different coffees. The McCafe Premium Roast K-cup medium roast not only went to the top three of my list but stayed there. The only problem is that it is a little pricey in the 12 pack format. Hopefully, it will be sold in the 24 pack cartons and will become more readily available at a more reasonable price.

    A word of caution from a long term K-cup user. K-cups come and go at the whim of Keurig and the other coffee Guru’s, so don’t fall in love with a single coffee. I have a top three that I can rely on when one of my favorites is temporarily unavailable or has been discontinued.

  12. I got it at Target. 18 pack for $10.99. My husband’s new favorite. He makes iced coffee with it in the afternoon and has it hot in the morning. Might buy out their stock before other folks find out about it.

  13. It’s awesome! Better than Starbucks coffee. If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a try. I am very happy to see McDonald’s K-cups.

  14. I love the decaf premium roast. It taste different because McDonalds uses ground coffee and the k cups taste better. I have been very disappointed since Starbucks discontinued their decaf k cups in Cafe Verona. If you folks haven’t tried this coffee give it a try.
    I’m looking for a McCafe shop to open in Publix or Ingles one day. Helps bring down the price.

  15. This is fantastic. I’ve always enjoyed McDonalds coffee, but since purchasing a Keurig I’ve been drinking my coffee at home instead of on-the-go. After trying a dozen different brands that offer k-cups I hadn’t really found anything that stood out to me, but I saw the McCafe on sale in Walgreens for $6 and picked up a couple of boxes. My snobby friends may turn their noses up at it (while overpaying for DD and Starbucks, like their coffee is really any better), but I’m 100% satisfied with it.

  16. I’ve tried different kcup coffees, trying to see what I like best, and happen to really like the McCafe premium roast. I paid 5.99 which was a dollar off the shelf price, for 12. This price is not bad, and not everyone wants to go running off to McDonalds whenever they want a coffee. The only problem now is the shelves are empty when I go try to buy more, and hardly anybody is carrying it.

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