SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Cheerios Ancient Grains Cereal

Cheerios Ancient Grains

I guess they had to go with “Ancient Grains” because “Stuff You’d Find in a Lot of Products At Whole Foods” wouldn’t fit nicely on the box. (Spotted by Adam at Safeway.)

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2 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Cheerios Ancient Grains Cereal”

  1. We can’t just enjoy our food anymore.

    “Let’s make it as clear as possible that this isn’t a junk food breakfast, but very very very traditional grains.”

    I mean really?

  2. There’s a company that makes really good gluten free pasta that calls themselves or the line Ancient Grains. I always wonder about that, it conjures up images of grain kernels found in pots in Egyptian pyramids next to mummies. The grains are being grown today, they’re not all that ancient… Tasty, though. Kamut and spelt are both types of wheat that actually did develop earlier than “modern” wheat and have some interesting genetic differences. Some people find they can tolerate kamut and spelt when they have trouble with modern wheat. This does mean that Cheerios isn’t interested in GF… Their original cereal uses wheat starch.

    But kamut and spelt taste quite good, just different from the more conventional wheat. I’ve made bread with both of them individually (works just like wheat flour) and also like kamut or spelt pasta. Quinoa makes a good addition to pasta- I’ve even had quinoa cookies which were crumbly but quite tasty. So this Cheerios variation would be worth a try.

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