Here are some interesting new and limited edition products found on store shelves by us and your fellow readers. If you’ve tried any of the products, share your thoughts about them in the comments.

One A Day VitaCraves Chocolate Brownie ChewyBites

Suck it, real food! (Spotted by Marvo at Walmart.)

Special K Gluten Free

You have gluten free and protein cereals, Special K. But can you do a gluten free protein cereal? That would impress me. Okay, actually, not really. To be honest, I don’t really care. (Spotted by Adam at Safeway.)

Gluten Free Chex Granola

Check it! Chex Granola Mix! (Spotted by Adam at Safeway.)

Gaslamp Popcorn Co Holiday Cookie Popcorn

Would Santa put kids on his naughty list if they left for him this holiday cookie flavored popcorn instead of cookies? (Spotted by Sylvia at Ralphs.)

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2 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES – 12/19/2014”

  1. I have a Friend whose in his mid 30’s and had a legitimate problem with Gluten since he was a Baby. His Mom used to write various companies asking if they could bring out Gluten Free products but they said no because not that many People have a problem with gluten. Mind you this was more than 25 or so years ago. But now Companies are finally bringing out gluten free products. Not because of like my Friend but for posers and hipsters who don’t want gluten. 90% Don’t even have a gluten allergy. They just don’t wait it. Half of them don’;t even know what it is. It’s just a trend now.

  2. No need to sneer at people wanting gluten free even if not celiac. Many people have good reason to want alternatives to the “put wheat into everything and eat wheat at every meal and snack” craze. It won’t kill you to remove gluten from your plate for a while to see if eating GF helps you with chronic problems. There are many levels of allergy and intolerance to specific foods- sometimes people just need to avoid the every day/every meal rut and get real variety, or they need to avoid certain foods while healing but later can reintroduce them into their diet. I know I have problems beyond the equivalent of a couple of slices of bread occasionally. Since I do have some food allergies of the “a little bit every now and then won’t kill me but I could get a DUI driving after an egg salad sandwich” type- I want a lot of variety to avoid developing more. I’m not sure if gluten is my problem (probably another component of wheat), but I like variety anyway. There is lots of food out there beyond wheat.

    I actually do choose cereals that lack wheat even if not able to be labeled GF. There are an amazing number of junky cereals on my shelf that are suitable if you aren’t sensitive to trace amounts of gluten and oats. And yes, some of the less junky ones are quite high protein. Bear Naked usually doesn’t use wheat on its granolas, for instance.

    The food companies of course follow changes in demand, so they are now merrily slapping GF labels on everything. This doesn’t mean wanting GF food available is stupid. Long ago, we didn’t even have detailed nutritional info and ingredients on packaged food. We do now because enough people wanted to know.

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