SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Post Strawberry Honeycomb Cereal (2014)

Post Strawberry Honeycomb Cereal

Do you remember Strawberry Honeycomb Cereal? No? Good. Because I don’t either. But they’re back! (Spotted by Emily at ShopRite.)

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8 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Post Strawberry Honeycomb Cereal (2014)”

  1. “BERRY NEW!” the world is that?! Now more things are making a comeback. Will be interesting to see how many more things are coming back.

  2. sadly, no Fraken like taste but they do have that wonderful, only could be created in a frankenstien lab, fake strawberry taste.

  3. Honey comb strawberry is pink but they forgot the to put in the strawberry flavor!!! You barely taste the strawberry!! I was so excited to try it but extremely disappointed :'( thought it would be my new fav but the winner still goes to Oops all Berry’s followed by fruit loops marshmallow sorry honey comb not near what it appears to be!

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