SPOTTED ON SHELVES: State Fair Funnel Cake Corn Dogs

State Fair Funnel Cake Corn Dogs

I’m not sure how new these are because we talked about them last May on The Nosh Show. But, new or not, I had to mention them because they’re frickin’ funnel cake-flavored corn dogs! I also read State Fair was supposed to have pizza-flavored corn dogs. (Spotted by RaveGyrl at Ultra Foods.)

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8 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: State Fair Funnel Cake Corn Dogs”

  1. These sounds good. I wonder if the batter is going be more sweeter? It could work as sweet/salty combo.

  2. These sound good, I’ll have to try them. Also if you are serious about pizza ones coming, I need those too!

  3. I bought these at Walmart months ago (I think around September of last year), so they’re definitely not “new” new.

    They’re okay, but they’re not really that much different from regular corn dogs if you ask me. The funnel cake part is a little sweeter than the breading on a regular corn dog, but it didn’t remind me of funnel cake very much. I would probably get them over the regular ones if I was in the mood for corn dogs, but I rarely eat corn dogs and these didn’t do anything to change that.

  4. They’re pretty bad. Something about the flavour of the coating seemed off, and the texture of the crystalline stuff on the coating was unpleasant.

    I cooked them the same way I cook the original ones (slightly longer than usual at a slightly higher temp so the coating is crisper) but the coating remained horribly soft and the inside barely warm.

  5. Actually, I tried these and they are FANTASTIC. Best frozen corn dog I’ve ever had. But you have to do a few things to get a really good “cook” otherwise, it will be cold and somewhat soggy.

    First, spray corndogs with PAM or other non-flavored cooking spray (not butter flavored). Put in toaster oven, on tray or on foil for 24 minutes, at 400 degrees flipping half-way thru cooking.

    After the 24 minutes, remove them from tray/foil and put them on bare rack and put on toast. Toast for three minutes turning the dogs about 25% each minute. After two minutes watch closely, as you may end up removing them before the 3 minute mark. You want to see the grease cooking over the entire dog. Remove before the dog gets too dark.

    They will come out hot, and really crispy. And really good.

    You can fry these if you wish, but I haven’t tried that.

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