SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Chips Ahoy Choco Chunky and Coconut Chunky Cookies

Nabsico Chips Ahoy Choco Chunky Cookies

Nabisco Chips Ahoy Coconut Chunky Cookies

Try to say Chips Ahoy Choco Chunky and Coconut Chunky Crunchy Cookies five times really fast. (Spotted by Dubba at Market Basket and Brian at Giant.)

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One thought to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Chips Ahoy Choco Chunky and Coconut Chunky Cookies”

  1. Mmmmmm is not good enough, and I am rediculously picky to please, but, these are AWESOME!

    The Choco Chunky is a ‘mass-produced’ cookie that I normally would never touch, but, they have a real winner with this one… I’m sold.

    I’ve passed all the Chips Ahoy! cookies in the isle, and thought they were geared towards children with odd and sugary ingredients like peanut butter cups, and M&M’s until I saw the new display. The new color of the packaging caught my eye, and then I saw Nirvana… that luscious dark chocolate cookie pictured on the box.

    I purchased one, out of curiosity, and then the thought of eating a cookie with a tall, cold glass of milk made me hurry home.

    I live with others, and I noticed a few cookies were missing, so I hid the rest in my bedroom. I wasn’t near home when I purchased them, so I’m on a mission to find these cookies closer to home.

    This is a good and bad thing… the cookies are as delicious as the picture made them look… yet having a store close by will be hard to stay away from.

    If only all life’s problems were compatible with this conundrum…

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