SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Pepperidge Farm Chocolatey Chip Swirl Bread

Pepperidge Farm Chocolatey Chip Swirl Bread

Nutella sandwiches? Hershey’s Spread sandwiches? Hershey’s Chocolate Bar toast? So many ideas! (Spotted by Emily at ShopRite.)

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11 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Pepperidge Farm Chocolatey Chip Swirl Bread”

  1. Is the “swirl” part chocolate too, or cinnamon? I’ve tried combining chocolate and cinnamon in stuff before and it just doesn’t work for me.

  2. I have found this delicious bread a Wal Mart along with strawberry swirl and can’t get enough of it! It reminds me of the chocolate chip bagels. I toast it and put cream cheese on it. What a breakfast!

  3. This smells divine in the toaster but the chocolate chip flavor is too subtle. Unless I had read the title on the wrapper I would not have been able to notice any difference between this and the other swirl breads. It is very good, but like the other limited edition flavors produced by pepperidge farm, the company tries too hard to make sure customers still think of it as a bread and not a cake that they miss the mark on making a distinctively flavored, must-buy product.

  4. Saw this at Walmart today and it jumped in my cart. I really like the original flavor of the Pepperidge Farm Swirl breads, so I figured a chocolate chip version would be a slam dunk, but I didn’t care much for this one.
    I didn’t notice a cinnamon flavor Ben, but I don’t think it was a chocolate flavor swirl either. The bread itself didn’t even have that much of a flavor, and for having an expiration date of 7/18/15 (today is 7/8/15) the bread was a little dry.
    I would have to agree with you Anne, that the chocolate flavor just isn’t strong enough. It did smell good in the toaster, and my Mom even thought it smelled good, and she doesn’t generally care for chocolate chips in bread or muffins.
    In any case, I wouldn’t recommend it and for $2.98, I am disappointed in the taste and freshness of this loaf of bread.

  5. Seems like it is gone. 🙁 I just find one I really like then they take it off the selve.

    1. My favorite too. Can’t find it anywhere. Can’t stand the one with banana and chocolate chip. Please bring it back. My favorite breakfast, chocolate chip swirl.

  6. I’ve tried every store for your chocolate chip bread. It’s the only one my son likes. Where can I find it????? Please help!

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