SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Mango Salsa Pringles (Walmart Exclusive Flavor)

Mango Salsa Pringles (Walmart Exclusive Flavor)

I didn’t finish a bag of Lay’s Wavy Mango Salsa Potato Chips because of its flavor. So I wonder if Mango Salsa Pringles’ flavor will be as bad. Will it be so horrible that once I pop I will stop? (Spotted by Marvo at Walmart.)

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7 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Mango Salsa Pringles (Walmart Exclusive Flavor)”

  1. It’s actually worse than the Lay’s version. Smells like salsa, tastes purely mango.

  2. I’m with you on the Lay’s Wavy Mango Salsa Chips – I can’t remember the last time (if ever) I’ve thrown away a bag of chips mainly uneaten – they were disgusting, so I’m not too enthusiastic about trying these. However if they taste like ketchup then I might give them a try, I rather like the ketchup chips they sell in Canada and the UK.

  3. I felt that these chips were much more representative of Mango Salsa. The Lays version had a green vegetative note that really put me off whereas the Pringles chips had the sweetness of mango with the tang and slight spice of salsa. I think this is an excellent product.

  4. So I buy these today,and boy, chips right here are something. Okay I been totally serious. These chips taste like sour vomit. I love salsa I love mangos, but and I love mango salsa. But this chip is horrid, I can’t believe they put this on the shelf for consumers. Maybe, “it’s a potato fruit thing” not working on my tongue but I would not recommend these to anyone, unless I want to make them sick.

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