SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Rold Gold Pretzel Cracker Sandwiches (Creamy Fudge and Sharp Cheddar)

Rold Gold Creamy Fudge Pretzel Cracker Sandwiches

Rold Gold Sharp Cheddar Pretzel Cracker Sandwiches

I hope these are around for a long time. Because I want to see Oreo-level creativity with them. Pretzel buns are big with fast food, so why not Rold Gold Cheeseburger Creme or Hot Dog Creme Pretzel Sandwiches. Ugh. Just threw up in my mouth a little. Okay, bad idea. (Spotted by Amanda at Walmart.)

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9 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Rold Gold Pretzel Cracker Sandwiches (Creamy Fudge and Sharp Cheddar)”

  1. A pretzel cracker sandwich made with PRETZELS?! That’s crazy. What is this World coming to?

  2. Those Creamy Fudge crackers look awesome! And Ben, you’re right! There MUST be peanut butter ones. It just doesn’t make since if there aren’t! I’ll be looking for these.

  3. these rold gold pretzel crackers made a big hit with everyone who has come into my house. now we can’t find them

  4. When can I expect peanut butter filled pretzel rounds in grocery stores in Myrtle Beach, SC. A friend introduced them to me while on a bus trip and I have yet to see them here. Waiting on your speedy reply.

  5. Where can I find the Rold Gold Pretzel Cracker Sandwiches in Sharp Cheddar? I’ve been to several stores in the Cincinnati, Ohio area (45208) – Kroger, Remke Bigg’s, Walgreens, and Target. Where can I find these? They look delish, and pretzel-anything is the rage right now. Love pretzels.

  6. I’m in the Houston Texas area and have yet to find the crackers! I have been everywhere! Walmart has the tags on the shelf yet there has been no product for the last month!
    What’s up with this elusive cracker???

  7. I tried the sharp cheddar flavor and was quite dissapointed. I didn’t think that it was very cheesy at all. In fact, I felt as though it had more of a garlic or some other spice flavor and most certainly not in a good way.

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