SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Mountain Dew Sangrita Blast and Baja Blast

Mountain Dew Sangrita Blast and Baja Blast

When Mountain Dew Baja Blast was available in stores the first time, it felt weird drinking it with foods other than Taco Bell. Both Mountain Dew Taco Bell flavors are also available in 20-ounce bottles. (Spotted by Andrew at Walmart.)

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15 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Mountain Dew Sangrita Blast and Baja Blast”

  1. What are these two supposed to taste like? I know pretty much nothing about mixed drinks/cocktails (which I assume Baja and sangrita to be?).

    1. Baja Blast tastes kind of…limey citrusy mint? Margarita-y? Blue? I think the mint thing is a psychological effect on my tastebuds because of the mouthwash color of the drink.

      I would be down for drinking Sangrita Blast.

      1. Yes. Your taste buds are correct. It’s a minty-cucumber sort of taste. It’s why I can’t stand the Baja Blast at Taco Bell.

    1. Forget pitch black the future is here s blast is way better. Tried one today nothin is better, pure energy, man it was the drink that I unknowingly longed for. Very flavorful and very satisfying. Stuff makes me go nuts

  2. I bought several cases of Baja 2 days early before the official release at Walmart. First couple days it was like “WOO!” now .. eh.. I dunno. Didn’t see the Sangrita, but as I’m almost through the first 12 pack, I’m bored with it and wish I’d waited and maybe not bought so much.

  3. The person in the house who drinks Mountain Dew picked up a 20oz bottle of the Sangrita yesterday from our local Safeway. His take on it: “It’s… fruity. Very, fruity. I can’t describe it another way. Not really a taste I’d associate with Mountain Dew, and not really something I’d buy again.”

    For the record his favorite Dew flavor is Voltage, so… take what you will from that.

    1. Voltage is awesome. I wish they had the Game Fuel Citrus Cherry flavor more often. Baja blast tastes like a minty cucumber. It’s sickening. I’ve had a sangarita flavored drink before and didn’t like it so I’m steering clear of the MD version.

  4. i actually liked the sangrita blast better then i did baja blast.maybe ill have to try baja blast again though,its been a while since i bought the cans of it

  5. Ya, they also said after diet MD Supernova won that it’d be around in stores. Lies I tell you!

  6. I booked it to Walmart immediately after I saw this post and bought 2 cases of Baja Blast. No shame.

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