CANADIAN SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Ruffles Limited Time Only Flame Grilled Steak Potato Chips

Ruffles Limited Time Only Flame Grilled Steak Potato Chips

Is this worthy of your taste buds, Canadians? Well, the ingredients might be different, but here’s our review of steak-flavoured Ruffles. (Spotted by Skeleton Butt at FreshCo in Canada.)

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8 thoughts to “CANADIAN SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Ruffles Limited Time Only Flame Grilled Steak Potato Chips”

    1. Google search shows a review of these chips in the US nearly 2 years ago. Not sure how limited these really are.

  1. it tastes so bad. everyone in my class tried it and couldn’t finish their chip.

  2. I like them. The initial flavor wave is a bit mixed up but once that initial burst of flavor wears off you can start to taste the character that these chips really have. They have a lightly spicy taste, as peppered steak would have, without the pepper dominating the flavor. I’m actually suprised how they captured the flavor of how steak char tastes when it mingles with the juices in the steak, very savory. Understandably this may not be everyone’s cup of tea but they’re definitely one of the best ‘experimental’ type chips I’ve ever tasted and i hope they keep selling these ones.

  3. I tried these for the first time yesterday. I agree with David B…they did capture the steak char flavour. As I ate them I thought it tasted just like steak.

    My only drawback…getting up at 6am the next morning and you can STILL taste and smell them. Even after brushing your teeth and washing your face the night before.

  4. not sure y ruffles keeeps trying to authentcate when they cant get a dam cluse on how a chip neeeds to be… smh

  5. Being a self proclaimed chip fanatic, I will try every new brand / flavour I spot on shelves! The Ruffles ‘grilled steak’ has truly captured the authenticity of exactly what it claims. As soon as the bag bursts open, the aroma of meat hits the senses with gusto. With most ‘unusual’ flavours, I find the taste redundant and just becomes an overload of salt and garlic, but not this chip. It remains true and strong to the BBQ season rituals. With all this said, I’ve just recently spotted and test tasted the ‘Harvey’s cheeseburger’ floured chip and will say Ruffles have found the secret ingredient to flamed broiled beef indeed!! Close enough to a ‘Harvey’s burger’ if you are a fan of Harvey’s (*free coupon on back of bag for free soft drink…nice touch!!) The only sad thing about this whole flavour extravaganza is the ‘Limited time offer’…soooo sad 🙁

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