SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Pepperidge Farm Cheeseburger Goldfish Crackers

Pepperidge Farm Cheeseburger Goldfish Crackers

Mmm…burger-flavored Goldfish crackers. (Spotted by @JunkFoodDog at Walmart.)

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13 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Pepperidge Farm Cheeseburger Goldfish Crackers”

    1. No, it doesn’t. It seems as though the primary flavour in it (that grilled taste) comes from sunflower oil.

  1. Where’s the bacon flavor? Or Sriracha? Or.. umm.. Red Velvet? I can’t remember all the food trends of the previous year.

  2. nahhh.. it’s “artificially flavored.” so, that explains your cheeseburger tasting crackers! :/

  3. Doh ! I thought burger flavor the bun. There needs to be a honey mustard goldfish at some point!

  4. My only concern is that each corresponding color is a specific flavor. I don’t know if I would want a single bite of one flavor. It could take away from the overall enjoyment since you wouldn’t get the full cheeseburger with every piece. Hopefully they’re all “cheeseburger” flavored instead of each color representing a flavor.

  5. What?!?! This really disturbs me. For some reason I thought Goldfish would never stoop to this level. Maybe it’s because I associate Goldfish with a snack I feed my toddler and I wouldn’t feed my toddler meat flavored Goldfish. Some brands are trying to hard at this point and should stick to what they are good at. They could be awesome though, but I would be surprised.

  6. I tried these and they have a shape, texture, smell, and I presume taste of cat food. Very off putting.

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