FAST FOOD NEWS: McDonald’s Peach Sweet Tea and Strawberry Sweet Tea

McDonald's Peach Tea and Strawberry Tea

McDonald’s Peach and Strawberry Teas aren’t new for some of you in states like North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia because they were available last year, but it’s new for those in Kentuckiana. Impulsive Buy reader, The Groove Machine, sent us a photo of Peach and Strawberry teas being offer in Indiana.

Last year, McDonald’s also offered in certain regions their Raspberry Sweet Tea and Diet Sweet Tea.

If you’ve tried either one, let us know what you think of it in the comments. Also, if you’ve seen the teas in your area, let us know where.

26 thoughts to “FAST FOOD NEWS: McDonald’s Peach Sweet Tea and Strawberry Sweet Tea”

  1. I’m in Laurel, MD and my local McDonalds also has the teas. I got the Strawberry Tea, and I like the flavor.

  2. Got a coupon in the mail for a Free one. Watered down beyond belief. The cubes were all clumped together…disgusting.

    1. Thay really sounds like it was a one issue, normally McDonald’s drinks aren’t like that at all.

  3. I live near the TN/KY border, and my mcdonalds have them both. I’ve been too chicken to try it though. Sounds good in theory, but I’m not sure if they can pull it off.

    1. Peach tea is awesome! But Georgetown Ky sadly doesn’t have it any longer

      I was soo sad to not see it anymore at our restaurant in
      Hagerstown , Maryland!!
      Any reason why??
      Please bring it back !!!!

  4. We’ve had them in IL for a month or two and I love the peach. Initially I thought it was too watery so now I order it without ice and then when I get to my office I pour it into a different glass with some ice and keep adding more tea as it gets low. Sometimes I order it with an extra squirt of peach flavoring but that pushes the price up by an additional .40 cents…so I don’t do that very often.

  5. We have them in Maryland, and I love the peach, strawberry is good also. It does depend on whether the employee makes the tea right, and puts the proper amount of syrup in. I’ve taken a few back in to have them fix it, but I’m hooked until I can successfully find a comparable syrup online.

  6. I love love the peach UNsweet tea. Get in in VA and TN. Hooked on in and am currently traveling in TX and OK and can’t find it anywhere. Bummer!

  7. I live in Charleston WV where they started serving the peach sweet tea…I am addicted to it!!! (=

  8. I live in Charleston WV where they started serving the peach sweet tea a couple of months ago…I am addicted to it!!! (=

  9. I don’t like sweet tea at all. But I absolutely love to McDonalds peach tea, I can’t get enough of it.

  10. I got hooked on it in Tennessee summer of 2014 and loved it. Now here in WV they aren’t serving it any more. I’m hooked and mad!

    1. I got hooked here in Indiana last year and “I” am also mad. We don’t have it this year. I just sipped it and relished the extremely fresh peach flavor !

  11. I love the peach tea and I have it every morning and through the day. my local Edgewater MD McDonalds is no longer carrying it. can this be changed or can you tell me if Annapolis or lothian/upper Marlboro will continue to carry it. thank you. sincerely Mary E O’Brien

  12. Live in PA and I am addicted to the peach sweet tea!! They just brought it back and I love it.

  13. Had strawberry and peach sweet tea in northern ky, now not available.. bring it back, it was awesome!!!!!!!!

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