SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Entenmann’s Limited Edition French Toast Soft’ees Donuts

Entenmann's Limited Edition French Toast Soft'ees Donuts

Soft’ees sounds like the Bizzaro World version of Hardee’s. (Spotted by Emily at Quickchek.)

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8 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Entenmann’s Limited Edition French Toast Soft’ees Donuts”

  1. It would appear as if the first row of donuts in the box is plain, and the next row is powdered. Yet is not a variety pack, the box clearly states “12 French Toast Donuts”. Does.Not.Compute

    1. I too noticed that. Then I seen in the bottom right corner if you look just hard enough — a powdered donut!

  2. Maybe they’re all French Toast cake but one row is plain, second row is powdered french toast, and the third is sugared french toast?

  3. I thought that was strange as well. Usually in that variety box the third row is chocolate. I can’t see how that would work (or the powdered one) with the taste of french toast. Seems like the flavors would compete.

    I wonder if this a thing now. I saw a bag of Tasty Cake doughnuts that looked like the typical white powdered variety but the bag said strawberry.

  4. Entenmann’s has a video on YouTube showing how to use the French toast donuts to make a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich (slicing the donut in half, glazing the inner side of one half with a maple syrup mixture). They said the pack has three types of French toast donuts: plain, powdered, and cinnamon. So I guess it’s just the topping that varies.

  5. These are just the Entenmann’s Softee’s donuts of plain, powdered sugar and cinnamon sugar as JWoolman said (there’s also a plain, powdered sugar, and chocolate everyday variety box), with a really strong smell of french toast/maple syrup. While eating, the french toast flavor is very subtle, almost not-noticeable. The aftertaste is pretty strong though. Verdict is still out for me, but I would buy them again. My kids prefer the everyday variety- they didn’t like these.

  6. I noticed the same pronounced aftertaste. I prefer the regular Softees. I will never buy the french toast variety again.

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