SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Fanta Mango (7-Eleven Exclusive)

Fanta Mango (7-Eleven Exclusive)

A new flavor in the U.S., but not a new flavor in Brazil, China, Egypt, the Faroe Islands, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Japan, and other countries that start with the letters K-Z that I didn’t scroll down to in this Wikipedia article. (Spotted by Aaron at 7-Eleven.)

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16 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Fanta Mango (7-Eleven Exclusive)”

  1. We don’t have 7-elevens in northeast ohio except for a few that are co-branded as the BP gas station store. I’m hoping that’s enough to qualify and get this! I would love to try it!!

    1. So far the only place I’ve seen it is a walmart in SC
      They didn’t have 7-eleven there either. It isn’t in walmarts near me so now I’ll try 7-eleven. But you should try looking in walmart

  2. Whoever approved this should be executed. Simply horrible, too sweet, nasty aftertaste. Avoid by all means

    1. I was thinking a mango soda might be kind of cloying. They’d have to cut the sweetness somehow. Maybe make it a mango-pineapple soda or something.

      (I’m still really curious about it, though. Mmmmm, mango.)

    2. Srsly… executed… Why bash that which is excellent??? The Mango Fanta flavor is obsolutely outstanding. One par with the premier Fanta beverage Pineapple.

    3. Agree 100%. I actually googled the drink to see if I was the only one who thought it tasted horrible.

  3. I just bought this at Walmart! I poured a cup and put it in the freezer. I cant wait to try:))))

  4. I had this in Germany 25 years ago. fell in love with it. could never find it. actually found one at a gas station and grabbed it. I enjoyed it. now I can’t find it again. smh

  5. Found this mango drink about two weeks ago at a grocery store. Shared a couple of cans with a friend who is absolutely hooked! We returned to the store recently and it it not on the shelves. We were extremely disappointed as we love this drink! There are no 7-Eleven’s in southwest Ohio so we are stumped as to where to find it.

  6. i saw 2 lets. Fanta Mango soda bottles in a Shoprite Supermarket in Parsyppani, NJ 3 weeks ago, but not any more. How can I get them now in Parsyppani ?

  7. Fanta Mango is awesome!! Found it at a convience store in Tennessee while on our way to Virginia.. Now I wish I remembered where I bought it…

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