SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Sprite Tropical (2015)

Sprite Tropical

It’s missing the word “Remix,” but I guess it’s close enough. But for those of you who miss Sprite Remix Tropical, don’t celebrate yet. It appears it’s available mostly in the Southeast. (Spotted by Andrew at B-Qwik.)

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40 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Sprite Tropical (2015)”

  1. YES! I drank so much Sprite Remix back in the day. That and Pepsi Blue were without a doubt my two favorite sodas. This version even has the same exact labeling as Sprite Remix did. Can’t wait to hear from some people who have actually tried this. Also can’t wait for it to get up here in the north east.

    1. I got a bottle the other day and it is literally magically delicious! I’m really hoping it will be around for a long time!

    2. It’s awesome. Had one yesterday. Tastes just like it did back in the day 🙂

    3. Its awesome. I found it in beaufort, SC where i was stationed. i had a hunch it was the same as sprite remix…so i got it. thats all i drank for a solid two fucking weeks. it was awesome

    4. I just bought it in Mississippi–1st time I’ve seen it or tasted it–love it!! I hope to see it in Dallas, TX.

      1. I hope they bring back ALL the flavors :/
        The Berry Clear was my favorite Sprite Remix!!

    5. It’s delicious! I can’t really tell what the flavor is supposed to be but it tastes a lot like a cherry sprite. This is definitely going to be a regular fix for me.

  2. Only in the SE? SO not fair! I used to love that flavor! Now if only they’d bring back Pitch Black II.

    1. I think most of the people wanting the drink are in the SE, which is why we have it down here. Saw it at a gas station since it caught my eye (clear in the mix with tons of green), and decided to pick up a few instead of my usual 8-10 Surge that I get.

      I’m far enough into the southeast to get peach sodas (Fanta, Sunkist, Big, Crush), but not Mello Yello. It’s strange, but at least I get to relive my childhood!

      1. Dude, where did you see this? What parts of the South East are we talking about? Give me a lead on a state, a gas station chain, anything. I cannot express the desperation I feel longing for this beverage once again.

        1. I was on vacation in North Carolina, close to the SC border and picked up a bottle of this at a gas station. It is Sprite Tropical Remix, it just excludes the \”Remix\” on the label, but it is the exact same thing.

  3. pepsi blue smoked all them flarvors but i realy liked remix.. too bad the west never gets anything… i would like to have it again..

  4. There’s a RaceWay gas station in Pensacola, Florida that has these bad boys, and I made sure to buy at least 10 to bring home!

  5. i just bought this on 9/18/15 in SC along with cherry Mello yellow & peach Fanta. Hate I didn’t get but one.

  6. There are in Dalton, GA… Since I work close to that area, I have to drive there at least once a week to get my boyfriend some… Can’t find them where I live or in the city I work in.. Been trying to find them somewhere close to where we live..

  7. Found it in gunnison utah…… a dinky little place in the middle of nowhere…. yum yummm… I feel like I’m back in high school again….. 🙂

  8. There are a bunch of bottles in the vending machine at my high school in northern New Jersey. I kept calling it Crystal Pepsi Jr. as a joke but nonetheless it is very good.

  9. i wish i could find it in flint michigan,especially since we have lead poisoned water.

  10. I live in Jackson, MS but I drive to tupel,MS just to get a tropical sprite and this past Sunday I didn’t see them in the store that I know always had them #feelingsHurt

  11. Im so late – well maybe GA is late, I spotted this and bought it in a Shell station yesterday. Idk why it says Sprite Tropical. Its a damn Sprite Remix! Tastes just how I remember years ago! Delicious !

  12. Bought one the other day and I’m hooked…! I have been a Coca Cola drinker from childhood and never thought I’d be searching the Internet to find a soda, but this stuff is friggin delicious! I don’t remember Sprite remix, but whatever they want to call it is fine with me, as long as they keep making it… I got mine in NAPLES, Florida but forgot where and have been running into random convenience stores looking but no luck yet. If I find some online I am going to buy in bulk. This stuff is that good. Don’t know why it’s not being pushed nationally but I wouldn’t be surprised if this soda becomes a top seller. If anyone knows where to find it please post the info. Thanks!

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