FAST FOOD NEWS: McDonald’s Asian Salad with Kale

McDonald's Asian Salad with Kale

Impulsive Buy reader Brad sent us this photo of a poster for a new Asian Salad that’s being tested in Chicago. For those of you who have an encyclopedia of McDonald’s products in your head, you’re probably flipping through it because you could’ve sworn McDonald’s had an Asian salad before. Well, let me save you the trouble and tell you there was one.

Update: We’ve gotten reports that the Asian Salad has also been spotted in Baltimore and Southern California.

Much like the one from the mid-2000s, this updated version features edamame, mandarin oranges, snow peas, red bell peppers, almonds, and is available with either grilled or crispy chicken. We do not know if the salad comes with the same Newman’s Own All-Natural Low-Fat Sesame Ginger Dressing that was passed out with the original Asian Salad, but since McDonald’s still uses Newman’s Own dressings it’s probably safe to say that it does.

So what’s different?

Well, this one has got a greens upgrade. The previous version had a spring mix and iceberg lettuce, but this one has a “romaine, spinach and kale salad blend.”

If you’ve tried it, let us know what you think of it in the comments.

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  1. The typical McDonalds customer doesn’t know what kale is. Heck. They don’t even know what a Salad is.

      1. Oh Amy please. Lighten up. Crusading online will give you premature wrinkles. F’s comment was honest, bordering on hilarious.

  2. Thanks for posting this Marvo. I loved the original Asian salad from several years ago, it was really good. I hope this comes to every state. I would go back to McDonald’s for it.

  3. They’re also offering this in the Baltimore market. It was 4.99 in a Walmart location I stopped by today.

  4. Used to get the old version all the time so looking forward to trying this one if it comes to Michigan!

  5. It’s very good and very filling. I prefer the crispy one with a total a 3 almond packs. And the one packets of dressing is more then enough and for a low fat dressing tastes really good. Been eating on the road for a year and I can now stop at McDonald’s for more then my black coffee or unsweetened ice tea. Yay

  6. I just spotted the new Asian salad on sale in McDonald’s Waikiki Honolulu location

  7. I bought one today in Maryville, TN. First thought when I opened it was, wow, the presentation is so pretty!
    Kale, spinach, romaine blend is really good, sugar snap peas, mandarin slices and soy beans make it very tasty and filling. Lowfat dressing is so good. I like this and would definitely get it again.
    As my co-worker said “It’s SO GREEN”! Green, healthy and yummy! A +

  8. I just had one and it was pretty good. It helped curb my craving for sesame chicken, which is what I really wanted. The kale content was a bit low but I prefer my kale steamed anyway. Releases more of the nutrients, says this McDonald’s customer.

  9. Must be the third incarnation because I remember the first one called Chicken Salad Oriental. It just had plain lettuce with tomato, green peppers, chow mein noodles and diced chicken with a teriyaki dressing.

  10. Just finished eating it. Was pleasantly surprised. Not much kale or spinach. Mostly romaine but good overall flavor. Got it with the sesame dressing you referenced. I typically hate McDonald’s. Took my kids because they were begging. I’d get this again. With an u sweeter peach tea.

  11. Ok where is the unsweet peach ice tea served at McDonald’s? I wish we had that here in wis..

  12. I just had it in Houston yesterday by the NASA space center and it was a lot bigger than it used to be and still SO AWESOME! Now that I am back in Dallas I am going on the hunt in hopes to find it here as well.

  13. Spotted this one in DC’s Maryland suburbs. Pretty good — I would get it again. Yes, it comes with the dressing you mentioned.

  14. I was so upset when McDs stopped having the salad a few years ago. Now I will be here more frequently as it is the best salad they have had and it is healthier. Also, the lettuce and greens taste better now. I hope they keep it and not take it away again. Thanks McDonald’s

  15. I asked what the ingredients were in the salad before I bought it and the first thing they said was sliced almonds and that sold me. The salad is really good but they forgot the sliced almonds!!

  16. I just had this for lunch and it was delicious!!! Everything tasted very fresh and chicken was wonderful.

  17. I had one today. No almonds and, when I was asked what type of dressing I wanted and given a list, this sesame wasn’t on it. That sounds really good too 🙁 I did get the balsamic dressing, which is a light Italian with a slight balsamic taste. I picked out the red peppers. This was my first time ever having edamame (and had to look it up to make sure that’s what it was, but I enjoyed them! I would get this salad again but maybe a different location that would actually offer the correct dressing!

  18. In the last two days, I have purchased three of these salads. They’re extremely good although I don’t detect any almonds and I was not offered a menu of dressings so chose ranch. I live in Baltimore and the cost is $499 with tax. It was a very fulling as they give you a lot of the green and good stuff and the chicken which I chose the grilled, was tender and well seasoned. All in all, I have good reason to eat lunch at McDonald’s everyday now!

    1. I had this for the first time today and it was delicious! The grilled chicken was juicy and nicely seasoned. All the ingredients worked well together and I had a generous portion of edamame. The Paul Newman Sesame Ginger dressing was perfect and I’m amazed that it was only 290 calories. I paired it with the equally yummy parfait for a total of 440 calories. I hope they keep the quality up so that this can be my go to meal for a while.

    2. I’ve been eating these for a month or so in the Philadelphia suburbs, but it was just discontinued. The almonds came in a packet with the Asian dressing, which is probably why you never saw them!

  19. First time to buy the Asian salad, it was a nice surprise. Generous portions, the grilled chicken is very good with a tangy taste. The ‘low-fat’ sesame ginger dressing adds just enough punch to the mix. Really like the mandarin orange slices and edamame beans. Just enough salad greens for portion, a lot of places load up the top and the rest of the bowl is lettuce. I was not given any almond pieces to sprinkle on top– maybe this is a regional thing? It’s a good, healthy choice if you like salads. I will definitely purchase again.

  20. They have the Asian salad in New York City and Long Island too. Tastes delicious and is satisfying and super diet friendly even with using the dressing but in only one of three McDonalds was I given a side of slivered amonds to put on the salad. Also, there’s just one kind of bean in the salad (I think edamame), not two. One of the three McDonalds gave a Newman’s Own Low Fat Family Recipe Italian dressing instead of the Asian dressing. Not sure of they were out or made a mistake, didn’t realize it until later. Also, the salads should come with a free minions online game piece – one of the salads did not come with one (on Long Island).

  21. Before this salad was temporarily discontinued, it was a staple lunch selection of mine. I was excited to learn it was making a come back. My eager anticipation perhaps is what has caused my extreme disappointment today.

    I found this forum and website in my search for the ingredients of this salad. I wanted to know if limp brown snow peas, sour red peppers, and cheese were listed as primary ingredients. Each of these were generously included. I also wondered if almonds were supposed to be included. While I believe they should have been, I doubt I am the only customer who has been charged for almonds but not given almonds.

    I did not enjoy this salad sure to the poor quality of the ingredients, irresponsible preparation, and failure to include advertised ingredients.

    Perhaps my salad was an aberration? Do I care to find out? Honestly I’d like my money back.

  22. I’m in Los Angeles.

    I tried the salad on a whim, and was almost shocked when I loved it. It’s very healthy, very tasty, and robust enough that I’m not starved by 3pm. I have been getting this almost every day! It’s especially tasty with the almonds, if they remember them (this is “fast food,” after all). I have also been surprised by the consistency of quality of the ingredients. I have not had any of the problems Daniel Gunn encountered.

    However, I was disappointed to go by the other day, and be informed the salad was a limited time item. They no longer offer it. I didn’t know what to get! The Southwest salad falls way short by comparison.

    There are other decent options on the McD’s menu in terms of health and taste, but I doubt that I’ll be coming by quite as often.


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