FAST FOOD NEWS: McDonald’s Signature Burger

McDonald s Signature Burger

McDonald’s is currently testing a new value burger with a name that doesn’t sound so value-like, the Signature Burger. The photo above comes from Impulsive Buy reader Ed in Wisconsin.

According to Ed, the Signature Burger features two beef patties with a slice of white cheddar, Dijon mustard, tomato, lettuce, and pickles on a potato bun. It’s part of McDonald’s new Lovin’ Value Menu (Goodbye, Dollar Menu & More…ur, menu) that include Mini Meals, which are combo meals that consist of value burgers and sandwiches with a small fries and soft drink.

Burger Business has photos that show the burger selling for $2.49, while a Mini Meal goes for $3.99.

If you’ve tried it, let us know what you think of it in the comments.

19 thoughts to “FAST FOOD NEWS: McDonald’s Signature Burger”

  1. The source says Mini Meal is $3.99; $4.69 gets you medium fries and drink.

  2. During the “Krusty Krab Training Video” episode of Spongebob, they show an image (as in, a real photo) of a Krabby Patty that most likely influenced the promotional look of this burger. I absolutely cannot wait to try and hate this thing.

    1. Actually I am sure because was making fun of is those photos that fast food joints show of there food that look better then the real thing which has been going on way before spongbob

  3. I actually appreciate the attempt at cheaper ‘premium’….when you don’t want to spend too much on fast food but don’t want a dollar menu crapathon. this hits a nice balance.

    1. Except that this is a dollar menu crapathon, just at non dollar menu prices…this is basically a McDouble, the only minor upgrades being a slightly better bun and some produce. If a McDouble is 1$ and this is 2.49, do those things really justify a 1.49 price difference ?

      1. Where the hell do you live that a McDouble is a buck? That price is at least a year old. Where I live (MD) a McDouble is 1.49 if not more depending on location. Off topic, but this is what higher commodity prices and a higher minimum wage does, so the constant bitching about the dollar menu not being a dollar is getting old.

        This “getting back to basics” stuff is old, too. Are the people saying it actually eating at McDonald’s or just recalling nostalgic stuff they think they want, but their sales history doesn’t actually support their opinions.

  4. If you think the regular menu patties are some kind of premium creation vs the dollar menu ones, that would be misguided- so having a middle of the road option between dollar menu and regular is actually not so bad. But I guess I could smuggle in some lettuce, tomato, and a nice bun to trick out my dollar McDouble.

  5. Wendy’s tried something like this a few years ago but I don’t recall the name of the burger. I actually liked it though, does anyone else remember its name?

      1. That’s it! Thanks for reminding me. And yeah, for a sub $3 burger I thought it was really good and filling.

  6. I’d prefer it if they’d just lower their combo prices. $8 is far too much for a medium combo when I could get 2 mcdoubles, a med fry, and a large drink for $5.

  7. But what are these things off to the side of it in this picture? They look like fried mozzarella sticks but I’m sure they’re not. A new “signature” fries? They seem too thick for that. Something obvious that I’m going to feel silly about when someone points it out?

      1. Oooh, cool. Thank you. I didn’t know they had tested them and it seemed so unlikely.

        Also, this “signature” burger (like the burger they’ve been trying to make this whole time and, “we finally did it!”?) looks really good and worth trying. I’m awaiting photos of the actual sandwich in online reviews to start popping up and to disappoint me.

  8. Um, shouldn’t something that’s called “Signature” be something you already have?

  9. its still a shitty burger no matter what the name food companys will never relize that better quality is what people want,not a fancy name slapped on a shitty burger

  10. Looks interesting, I will give it a try. But also looking forward to ordering one and asking for NO Dijon mustard but PLEASE substitute Big Mac Sauce!

  11. I like this approach. Better quality bun and pickle at least. I mean how many crummy Mc Chickens can you eat. I haven’t had one in 8 years. When I think of quality FF I think of Wendys. But, I had the signature chicken from McDs and it was awesome! Big and juicy, all white meat and fresh bun.

  12. Tried both the burger and the chicken version this weekend in Wisconsin… Good lord are they delicious! It is after midnight, and as I lay here in bed I’m salivating for these. They are simply fresh tasting, juicy, perfectly proportioned masterpieces, and I hope they stay on the menu forever.

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