FAST FOOD NEWS: McDonald’s Twix McFlurry

McDonald s Twix McFlurry

McDonald’s is offering at limited locations a Twix McFlurry.

The dessert has been offered in other countries for years, like the United Kingdom. According to the McDonald’s U.K. website, it features “soft dairy ice cream swirled with Twix chocolate coated biscuit pieces and a chocolate caramel sauce.”

Grub Grade reports that it’s available in Florida, Eater says it’s also in Indiana, and the McDonald’s Twitter accounts from Michigan and Illinois have announced they’re offering the treat.

If you’ve tried it or seen it at your local McDonald’s, let us know in the comments.

(Image via McDonald’s Peoria Twitter)

16 thoughts to “FAST FOOD NEWS: McDonald’s Twix McFlurry”

  1. Yep, had one in Minnesota. I was excited to try it but it was…lackluster. I’m not real big on McFlurrys to begin with but this didn’t really taste like Twix at all…just caramel and cookie pieces in ice cream.

  2. I had one two weeks ago in the Syracuse, NY area. It wasn’t on the drive-thru menu board, so I asked. It needed more Twix pieces, barely had any cookie in it, it did have a lot of caramel. I’d try it again to see of I get one with more Twix in it.

  3. I had one of these last night and it was absolutely amazing….for the first half of it. Just like every McFlurry I’ve ever had the bottom half was nothing but soft serve with no mix ins.

  4. Had it Tampa, FL. It was absolutely delicious. Plenty of Twix flavor all through out the McFlurry unlike the Oreo one where the cookie seems to only be at the top.

  5. Had this in Northern Tier of PA. The one I agree had good amounts of cookie bits and caramel, but it wasn’t mixed through enough for me. Taste was decent, overall it satisfied my need for a frozen treat.

  6. Had it in Orlando! It’s pretty good. I really wish they would have put actual caramel sauce in it like the Rolo Mcflurry had though.

  7. Just realized the description listed from the UK says that there is caramel sauce in it, but both my boyfriend’s and my Mcflurries definitely didn’t have that. It was just little pieces of chocolate, cookie and chewy pieces of caramel/toffee.

  8. Had one in Bellevue NE. It was delicious!!! Have been trying to buy one in Kansas And Oklahoma…no success so far. Driving on HW 35 to San Antonio TX. Please let me know if you know a place to get it.

  9. Just found they have it in Pauls Valley, OK. Unfortunately they ran out today!!! Hope to find it in OK City.

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