SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Lindt Lychee Excellence Bar

Lindt Lychee Excellence Bar

I love lychee (I’ve gotten stomachaches from eating too much). I love chocolate (I’ve gotten stomachaches from eating too much). So I should like this and get a stomachache from eating the entire bar, right? (Spotted by Ryan at Target.)

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3 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Lindt Lychee Excellence Bar”

  1. Lychee is an underrated .. fruit? Berry? Whatever. It’s freaking delicious. I once had a Lychee juice drink, and fell in love with it.

  2. I always thought lychees just tasted like mandarin oranges. There’s never much flavor or filling in these Lindt bars anyway.

  3. I’m kind of interested in trying this but I’m a tad bit scared to do so… I’ve had Lychee flavored snacks before and loved them, but then just the other day I stopped by an Asian market and had a chance to try the actual fruit… needless to say, I had to spit it out; the flavor was way too strong for me. I’d love to see them make a white chocolate taro bar, though! That would be delicious!

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