SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Doritos Bacon Cheddar Ranch Jacked 3D

Doritos Jacked 3D Bacon Cheddar Ranch

Our neighbors to the north got a bacon cheddar version of these chips. I wonder why Canada didn’t get the ranch seasoning. (Spotted by Chris at Giant.)

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8 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Doritos Bacon Cheddar Ranch Jacked 3D”

  1. I just saw those in Seattle yesterday. At $4.29, I was right on the fence on whether to try them. I passed this time.

  2. These are not called “3D” okay? it just a puffed Dortios. A 3D is the airy center in it

  3. I actually saw these at 7-Eleven this past Monday. I plan on buying these soon.

  4. They are beyond gross,,,i bought them into work and it was unanimous everyone hated them,,,

  5. All I tasted was salt and maybe dill? It was tremendously disappointing for a flavor touted as containing some of my favorite things: bacon, cheddar, and ranch. Big fat 0. I couldn’t even give them away.

  6. There is a faint bacon smell if you deeply inhale from the bag, but I don’t taste much bacon or ranch. The main taste is an OK mild cheesy flavor but doesn’t live up to the BCR name. The texture of the chip was harder than I was expecting (I was thinking Cheetos Puffs) but was not conducive to getting a shot of flavor (as you could theoretically do by licking a normal Doritos chip) but maybe there simply wasn’t enough concentrated flavor on these chips. Maybe just pick one flavor and make sure there’s a lot of it next time?

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