FAST FOOD NEWS: White Castle Corn Dog Nibblers

White Castle Corn Dog Nibblers

Want to stick corn dogs into a White Castle Slider? Now you can with their new Corn Dog Nibblers which, according to their website, are 100 percent white meat chicken wrapped in sweet honey cornbread.

White Castle has also brought back their Shrimp Nibblers and Mac & Cheese Nibblers, which were originally introduced in 2013. The seafood Nibblers are butterfly shrimp with a light and crispy coating, while the mac & cheese version are cheddar cheese and macaroni coated with a crispy cheddar batter.

If want to try all three varieties and order online, you can get a special deal called “Flight of Nibblers” that includes medium-sized portions of each.

The Nibblers are available for a limited time.

If you’ve tried any, let us know what you think of it in the comments.

(Image via White Castle)

7 thoughts to “FAST FOOD NEWS: White Castle Corn Dog Nibblers”

    1. That’s what I was thinking… wtf? Chicken inside a corn dog.. I’ve never heard of chicken hotdogs. Chicken with other types of meat, yes. Turkey hotdogs, yes.. chicken sausage, yes. Chicken hotdog? No. That doesn’t even sound good.

  1. I’d be all over those mac n’ cheese nibblers if I had no regard for the fact that I need to be able to fit into my clothing.

  2. Shrimp nibblers are HARSH! The breading is dark and almost bitter in flavor. Not recommended.

    Didn’t try the corndog or macaroni ones, just too gross. And I live near a Sheetz where deep fried macaroni and cheese patties are a regular menu item, in case I ever get the urge exceed 400 lbs.

    On a much better note, White Castle seems to have brought back the fudge dipped cheesecake and brownies on a stick. I regard these as the perfect fast food dessert, small and delicious.

  3. I had the corn dog nibblers and they were quite good, and they tasted like hot dogs made with beef or pork, not chicken.

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