FAST FOOD NEWS: Burger King Doritos Loaded

Burger King Doritos Loaded

Remember those Doritos Loaded that were sold last year at 7-Eleven? If you don’t, they were triangular-shaped snack bites with a warm, melted cheese filling and a crispy breading with Doritos Nacho Cheese flavoring. Junk Food Guy has a review.

They were an exclusive 7-Eleven product last year, but it appears that exclusivity has ended because they’ve been popping up at Burger King locations. The photo above was sent to us by Impulsive Buy reader Alek from a Burger King location in Flushing, NY.

If you’ve seen Doritos Loaded at a Burger King location near you, let us know where in the comments.

33 thoughts to “FAST FOOD NEWS: Burger King Doritos Loaded”

  1. I saw them at the BK yesterday in Manhattan on 42 b/w 8/9. Right next to a 7-11. I thought the sign was in the wrong store (I had tried them at. 7-11 in PA last summer).

  2. Anyone remember those Mac and Cheese Bites Arby’s was selling several years ago. To me they tasted like fish sticks.

  3. Missed opportunity to sell these at Taco Bell.. What does Doritos have to do with BK?

  4. “Doritos Loaded that we’re sold”…..

    You and The Consumerist should have a grammar battle. I think you’d both lose.

    1. The autocorrect on my iPhone thinks I couldn’t possibly ever mean “its” so it changes that word to “it’s”. Just did it now, I have to go back and correct. I think the phone converts “were” to “we’re” also. Yup, did it again, have to go back again to correct. So if you type fast and hit send too quickly… The phone makes such baffling changes after I’m already on the next line.

  5. We don’t have a 7-11 where I live, but we do have a LOT of Kwik Trip gas stations and I keep getting coupons from them for the Dorito things. One of these days I should try them!

  6. I just got these from the burger king in my town and I thought they were fucking amazing but I’m also a dirtbag and cheese is like the main staple of my diet. I feel lucky! I didn’t realize these were only being tested in some locations. I don’t want them to go away!! lol I’m about to go buy some more right now. Yorktown Heights NY burger king! I would describe it more as a doritos flavored jalapeno popper with a more fluid filling and no jalapeno. yum!

  7. There are also sold at Kwik Trip convenience stores in Wisconsin, Minnesota & Kwik Star in Iowa

  8. Omg don’t buy these personally I got them at BK in rochester NH and it was a disaster I became extremely sick… you have been warned!

  9. Saw these yesterday at BK in Queens Village, NY. They look nasty. Pretty in the picture, not so pretty in reality.

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