SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Dannon Light & Fit Chocolate on Top Greek Yogurt (Strawberry, Cherry, Vanilla, and Banana)

Dannon Light & Fit Chocolate on Top Greek Yogurt (Strawberry, Cherry, Vanilla, and Banana)

Last year, it was caramel on top. This year, it’s chocolate on top. Next year, peanut butter on top? (Spotted by Carla at Walmart.)

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11 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Dannon Light & Fit Chocolate on Top Greek Yogurt (Strawberry, Cherry, Vanilla, and Banana)”

  1. Really Dannon? Okinos did the same concept with chocolate on top. Why not they attempt a cookie butter yogurt? Cinnamon yogurt with cookie butter on the bottom or on the top. Get it on Trader Joe’s!!!

    1. Alek,
      Okios is a Dannon product which is why they have the same idea. It’s pretty much the same yogurt, but this one is for those who are counting calories.


  2. I eat light & fit everyday and interestingly spotted these just after thinking that I wish light & fit would come out with a non-fruity chocolate flavor that would actually be good when I mixed a tbs of PB in. You add 20cal, lose a gram of protein, and gain 1.5g of fat with the chocolate covered ones, and while tasty, do not quite taste like chocolate nor satisfy that craving. My opinion: good try light&fit but I would be better using your 80cal containers and just adding 20cal of Hershey’s chocolate syrup or nestle mini semi-sweet chocolate chips.

  3. Oh my god these are so GROSS. I eat the other light and fit Greek no problem, and am (sadly) very accustomed to the taste of diet food. The chocolate would maybe taste like chocolate but I couldn’t get over the overwhelming taste of chemical garbage. I tried both the cherry and the banana, two of my favorite flavors (especially with chocolate!!!) and.. Ew. So. Effing. Gross.

  4. Uuggggg. I was excited when I saw a commercial for these. I bought a flavor of each that was at the store. Banana, strawberry, vanilla and cherry. The chocolate is very runny, becomes even more runny as it sits in the fridge and tastes so fake. It’s just something I can’t get past. Won’t ever buy these again. Ill stick with Yoplait Greek yogurt. The apple pie flavor is to die for.

  5. Yeah these are really gross. The chocolate doesn’t taste like chocolate at all. I closed my eyes and tried the chocolate alone…nope, no chocolate flavor.

  6. It isn’t great. But if you must eat this, do not do so in the presence of others.
    Looks terrible if you mix it, looks even worse if you don’t mix it.

  7. I’m quite possibly the only person on earth who opened this up and went “Oh dear god a Greek yogurt I can eat!”…. Why do I find it delicious? I don’t know, but for 11 carbs for breakfast, I can get behind this stuff. Please don’t just be seasonal, I can only buy so much.

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