SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Monster M-100 Ghost Energy Drink (Speedway Exclusive)

Monster M-100 Ghost Energy Drink

Someone should add this to this Wikipedia disambiguation page. (Spotted by Brian B at Speedway.)

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21 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Monster M-100 Ghost Energy Drink (Speedway Exclusive)”

    1. This crap taste like baby aspirin. I will not drink it if they pay me. It’s gross.

  1. I tried one of these recently. The Monster can always includes a paragraph describing the drink and this particular breed claimed that the M-100 Ghost had more drinkability. The only thing ghostly was the flavor and kick which this drink was lacking. I suppose this would be a good drink for someone who is trying to ween themselves off of their monster addiction like some sort of methadone. I drank the whole can and it gave me a little boost but it was seriously toned down. It was worth the try but realize what you are getting into before you set yourself up for disappointment.

    1. I wish I would have seen This post before I went to buy them. I’m a try all ’em kind of person.. The flavor alone made me not want to drink it. It was bland and off putting. I’ll probably fall for it again eventually to confirm my distaste but not anytime soon.

  2. I have a serious monster addiction…. I have tried all of them and there are a few I don’t like….not many though like maybe 2 or 3….with that being said…..this is the nastiest monster that I have ever bought…idk what the hell they were thinking…this is bad…there’s nothing good about it…nothing…. it almost tastes like robitussen and tequila mixed together….nasty

    1. Where are you guys buying these at??? I live in North idaho and have never seen one yet I’m one of the biggest fans of monster and need ghost and phantom for my collection any would be appreciated please

  3. I need ghost and phantom for my collection…where can I buy these sexy cans at I live in North idaho and have never seen them please help a bro out

    1. They are exclusive to Speedway gas stations/convenience stores. If you don’t have one where you live, then short of driving put of town, you’re put of luck

  4. Does it mean something when the M-100 isn’t on the Monster website? I just bought a can because it was on sale and wanted to see what the reviews said. I doubt I will like it.

  5. I absolutely LOVE these!!!, all other Monster drinks are too potent for me-these are for the people like me that can’t handle the other Monsters!!,I heard that when they are out, that’s it!, I think I single handedly bought all of them in the surrounding area’s of my house!!, now I am out, & so are all the Speedway’s I’ve been too!!, I am soooooooo sad about this,I enjoyed one every signed day!!, Wish you would reconsider bringing them back!!!-PLEASE?!?!?!?!?

  6. Best damn monster i ever drank me and my buddies will drink atleast 2 or 3 a day until our local stores run out. Very good.

  7. I found this on sale at big lots in Gresham Oregon. I don’t know what tequila and cough syrup tastes like, but in my opinion its tastes like Mellon. If that is what tequila and cough syrup tastes like I may just have to try that.

  8. If anyone is still looking for these, the Ghost and Phantom flavors are at BigLots for $1. Phantom tastes mildly citrus, Ghost is very Dew-y :0)

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