Pecan Pie M&M's

Update: We reviewed it! Click here to read our review.

These just have an artificial pecan pie flavor. But Mars has M&M’s technology that allows them to put nuts and crispy rice into M&M’s. So why can’t they use that to put pecan bits into these? (Spotted by Sascha at Walmart.)

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24 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Pecan Pie M&M’s”

  1. Why is the sexy green M&M on the package? They should have used the orange or yellow M&M for a Fall flavor like pecan pie. Dumb.

    1. Probably because she stands out more against the autumnal colours on the bag than Red or Yellow would. Or possibly because Mars Inc. is run by sexist pigs who think that a woman’s place is in the kitchen making pies. Or because, y’know, “pie”…as in the euphemistic kind that’s unique to women. I think any one of these are likely possibilities.

    2. They are stereotyping using the woman cause the woman is the one who cooks pie (as u see her holding a cooked pie)

    3. Really? This is something you feel the need to complain about? The autumn season will be forever ruined for you because the wrong character is on the bag??

  2. Most of these flavored M&M’s I’ve tried have been a let down. I’m not expecting a whole lot from these.

  3. These don’t look too tempting; will probably skip them. Has anyone else noticed that M&M’s don’t taste quite the same lately? Wondering if something is up as the last few bags of both plain and peanut I’ve had were awful.

  4. Saw this “spotted on shelves”-post in my feeds and was like “OMG they finally took pecans covered them with chocolate and put them into a M&M shell… but… it’s just artifical flavoured m&m…

    My mum would’ve freaked out about a pecan version of M&Ms! And i’m still waiting for a macadamia or cashew variant, until then i’ll stick with M&M Crispy (i actually read they are back in the US again, which is amazing, although we have them around for quite a while now here in germany)
    ^^ xD

      1. -.-
        That was probably the too obvious place to look for a review… -.-
        Thanks Marvo (again ^^)

  5. …ick…when does the insanity StoP…..probably won’t be seeing these up here in Canada….

  6. i got SUPER excited when i saw this because i absolutely LOVE pecan pie.. then i remembered how lackluster birthday cake and pumpkin spice m&ms were. you have to really think about what they are supposed to taste like to even kind of get a hint of that flavor.. they have all tasted mostly just like regular plain m&ms to me. if there was a pecan or some pecan pieces at least in these, i bet they’d be 10000x better.

  7. I would imagine that they are full of artificial colors and artificial flavors like all the rest.

  8. I think those of you who actually believe the green m&m is some kinda of patriarchy conspiracy probably watch a little too much Jon Stewart. This imaginary piece of candy is not a “victim” of the white man, trust me.

    She is on a lot of the m&m bags.

  9. I found these at Wal-Mart & found them very underwhelming. They have a slight Pecan Pie taste, but mostly remind me of regular M&Ms. When will I ever learn?

  10. Has a slight but disappointing pecan pie taste. They smell more like maple syrup. Not impressed.

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