SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Little Debbie Pumpkin Spice Rolls

Little Debbie Pumpkin Spice Rolls

Thank goodness this pumpkin spice product looks normal. I swear Little Debbie’s other pumpkin products, like their Pumpkin Delights Cookies and hexagonal Pumpkin Brownies, give me nightmares. (Spotted by James at Walmart.)

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4 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Little Debbie Pumpkin Spice Rolls”

  1. Tried these this past week. The pumpkin spice flavor isn’t overly strong but its there enough to identify what it is, but just barely. The creme I thought was overly sweet and overpowering. It would be better if there was more cake to creme. Overall its a fine pastry snack but not one I would go out of my way to get or look forward to every year

  2. I thought it was pretty good! didn’t taste like artificial pumpkin much to my surprise. I will agree there was a lot of cream but it wasn’t too sweet in my opinion. it would of been better if it was cream cheese vs vanilla cream

  3. These honestly taste very similar, if not exactly like, pumpkin pie. Granted, I did taste these while sick, they were still amazing and I would probably fight someone trying to take them from me. (I love Autumn and Halloween so much that it’s not a joke anymore.)

  4. I just tried these new pumpkin spice rolls and I’m in love! I read the other reviews posted and I guess mine is the far extreme of I love them! I love everything pumpkin and I hate to admit, but I love when the crazy pumpkin delights hit the shelves. I know I’m weird, but I really like the cinnamon pumpkin spice flavor these rolls have in them. They were a bit on the overly sweet side, so I’m now eating another one with some vanilla bean ice cream. A new favorite for me and my teenage son who also loves everything pumpkin.

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