SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Ruffles Limited Time Only All Dressed Potato Chips

Ruffles Limited Time Only All Dressed Potato Chips

All Dressed chips are now in the U.S. What’s All Dressed? It’s a popular Canadian chip flavor — I’m sorry, flavour — that I assume was invented by a desperate Canadian whose fridge broke down and he or she needed to use up all condiments before they spoiled. The internet tells me it consists of barbecue sauce, sour cream and onion, salt and vinegar, and ketchup. (Spotted by Jacob S at Kamas Foodtown.)

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22 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Ruffles Limited Time Only All Dressed Potato Chips”

  1. Not only do I agree with Jean, but Ruffles makes the best All Dressed flavour blend of all chip companies, too.

    1. Yes! To both you and Jean re all dressed rocking it! But crispers are where it’s at! Wonder if these are as strong tasting as Canadian versions; I find US vinegary flavours are too mild.

  2. Ok these sound like a hot mess of flavors but seeing as how I’m a sucker for new foods I’ll still probably try them if I see a bag of them at the store.

  3. Sounds interesting … I’m gonna try it just cause like Matt I’m a sucker for new foods also. Wasn’t this already a flavor in the late 90s of Ruffles?

  4. Agreeing with Jean & Christine! Canadian here as well but Ruffles All Dressed are amazing!! Best All Dressed by far- super yummy 🙂

  5. All dressed chips have been in the country for a while, albeit in limited areas. Humpty Dumpty brand has been selling that flavor in parts of New England for years.

  6. I am SO excited to see these here! I’m looking forward to comparing how these taste compared to the ones found in Ontario 🙂

  7. We visited Niagara Falls a few weeks ago and you better believe we hit Wal Mart for some interesting flavors like this. I had heard about this and thought what the heck. OUTSTANDING. I’m not sure they’d be a regular purchase for me, but I could see them having a strong spot in our rotation. I think these will go over well

  8. Roundy’s has made this flavor for quite a while and I always wondered why their wasn’t a brand-name version.

  9. Since it seems the whole “All dressed” flavor was created as sauce:
    Are there any recipes out there for a pasta sauce or so? I mean… BBQ Sauce, Sour Creme, Vinegar… all those ingredients aren’t something i would put on chips… on potatoes, pizza dough or pasta “Yes!”, but not on potato chips… so:
    Anyone who an help me out with a sauce recipe? ’cause you all made me very curious about the tate of this flavor and i won’t be able to travel aross the great ocean to canada for at least….a long time ^^

  10. Has anyone spotted these in the Toledo, Ohio area? My pregnant wife has a craving and I’m desperate to track them down!

  11. I have tried them and can’t get enough! Every time I saw them on the shelf, I bought every bag! They need to bring this to the US and quit playing!!!!!!!!

  12. Found them at my local Walmart (Upland, CA) & they’re gone in less than a week. Good taste, mild BBQ

  13. Found one bag at the Walmart in Wabash, IN last night! I thought these were discontinued in the USA last year, so needless to say I was a bit giddy when I spotted them on the shelf! The expire June 14 so I know they’re not from last year’s original batch.

    Anyone heard of they’re going to keep producing these in America?

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