SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Doritos Loaded (Nacho Cheese and Jalapeño & Cheese)

Doritos Loaded (Nacho Cheese and Jalapeno & Cheese)

They’re available in two flavors and two sizes — 7.5 and 15 ounces. I’d suggest the smaller one in case they’re gross. (Spotted by Kevin at Walmart.)

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5 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Doritos Loaded (Nacho Cheese and Jalapeño & Cheese)”

  1. Why they have to spread to the supermarkets?! All over the internet stating that they are gross. Disgusting.

  2. They’re honestly not bad if you eat them hot and stick to the serving size. Eating more than two is regrettable. You’ll realize how they could use more Doritos flavor. Like a nice coating of the seasoning on the outside would have solidified the flavor.

  3. I bought both nacho cheese and jalapeno at my local Walmart in Indianapolis.

    Having tried the jalapeno ones I can say they are fine, but I would rather eat jalapeno bites. If these had chicken or beef in them they would have been better with the added texture. Overall I would say they are all right, but nothing special.

  4. Picked up some of the Jalapeno ones tonight from my local Walmart. Since we don’t have 7-Eleven here in New Orleans, and I don’t really go to Burger King to even know if they carried them here, this was my first time trying them. And while they do that oven heated filled snack thing of gushing out the filling, I’ll say they were OK. The peppers lend a decent bit of spice to them but I didn’t think they were overly spicy, and overall I think they had an ok flavor for a sub $3 package of 8 snacks. I just wish somehow we could figure a way of keeping the filling IN these types of things. basically the filling pops out then the whole thing just kinda dries out for a few minutes in the oven. Mine came out not looking near as full as they looked in The Impulsive Buy’s review of these from Burger King.

  5. Tried the cool ranch ones a few nights back, they tasted pretty good. Eating the Nacho Cheese ones, however, it tastes like I’m eating garbage from behind the liquor store. It really does taste like your eating cardboard soaked in gasoline.

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