SPOTTED ON SHELVES IN CANADA: Nestle Limited Edition Coffee Crisp French Vanilla

Nestle Coffee Crisp French Vanilla

Hey Canadians! It has returned! Crispy wafers and French vanilla-flavoured cream in a dark chocolatey coating? I think I need a passport…or a friend in Canada…or an Canadian eBay seller who’s not going to gouge me too much. (Spotted by Junk Food Dog at Sobeys in Canada.)

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6 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES IN CANADA: Nestle Limited Edition Coffee Crisp French Vanilla”

  1. These have come and gone several times over the past decade or so. I’d kill to have Nestle bring back Coffee Crisp Maple and Coffee Crisp Yogurt, though. 🙁 Those were delicious.

      1. I remember picking Yogurt/Maple up a few times during my early university days, so I think they were offered around 2005/2006. The maple ones I specifically remember being a Canada Day (July 1) tie-in. That summer, Oh Henry! also came in a Canada Day variety, with maple-flavoured caramel, and bright red/white-coloured fudge inside. I remember thinking it looked like bone marrow – kinda disconcerting. Dunno if you were living up here at the time. Raspberry is another CC variety that comes and goes.

  2. Border isn’t too far here. I did pick up some Coffee Crisp last time I was over there. Might do a candy bar run. Surely, they won’t charge me duty on a few candy bars, will they?

  3. I would love to find an ebay seller that doesn’t price gouge, but the lure of the limited edition product usually wins. Sigh. I live in a pretty busy area I.e. plenty of stores and competition, but limited edition products don’t seem to come our way. The only exception would be Target.

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